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Monday, July 18, 2005

I am writing something for here, but because it is taking longer than I thought and because I am having trouble with the words, I will just put something short and sweet here today.

Mac and I were discussing the release of the latest Harry Potter book, (which I finished Sunday morning, but won't spoil for others by saying what happens) and Mac was saying that He would never read any of the books as they held little interest for Him.

Sarah: You don't believe in magic, do You?
Mac: I do actually. I believe in a higher being, that the world, nature, didn't get here by accident. That is magical.
Sarah: Well true, but You don't believe in fairies and dragons and witches.
Mac: I loved faires and dragons and witches when I was little and I know you still do. And you are important to me, so I am willing to leave the credibility crack open on this.
Sarah: I like to think that I do bring a little bit of magic into our world, and You bring in stability.
Mac: Yeah, you are right.(Mac holds Sarah's chin in His hand) Just don't stop bringing the magic, ok girl?

Needless to say, Mac got a kiss for that. In fact Mac got kissed a lot.

Sometimes just believing in each other is all the magic we need.

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