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Friday, July 08, 2005

I guess Mac and I spent yesterday in much the same way as a lot of people did, sitting in front of the television watching terrible things unfold. We were shocked, we were horrified and frustrated, it is such a helpless thing to only be able to stand by and watch. Sometimes things happen that change the world and I think that this is one of those things.

Mac and I sat on the couch watching in disbelief. Mac grew angrier and angrier as the first reports came in and while He was angry I found that I needed to hold Him and kiss Him. I told Him that it was what I wanted to do, but I understood that He was not in a holding kissing mood.

"Oh babe," He said, "being held and kissing you is exactly what I need."

So I climbed into His lap and we held each other and we kissed and we stopped to watch the new reports and then we kissed again. The phone rang numerous times as people called to make sure Mac had not been in London for the day and to let us know that everyone was accounted for. We kissed when we hung up the phone. And when the kissing got too much I straddled His lap and took His cock inside me and we made love very gently and held each other very closely and celebrated being in love. It felt like the right thing to do and yesterday was a day for doing what felt right. He needed me to be a soft gentle girl and it is so easy to be that for Him.

Later there were friends who didn't have family close by that we invited over to be with us because it was a time to reach out and be with people you care about. Much to my surprise and delight a couple brought another woman with them that I had met just a few times before but had felt a bond with. Yesterday I almost heard a click as we grinned at each other when she walked in the door. An hour later she and I were huddled in the kitchen and she was sharing secrets with me. Within two hours, I was sharing with her. By the end of the night we had made firm friends and a date to go out for lunch. She even took time to make friends with Mac as well. It wasn't hard, they hit it off pretty quickly and Mac wasn't shy about holding me and kissing me in front of her and He actually enjoyed making me blush. She fit like a long time friend would.

And later still as we were climbing into bed Mac asked me if she is bisexual. I told Him I hadn't asked but she had been pretty open in her flirting. He smiled at me and kissed me and told me that if she is, it was obvious that if I loved her, she would love me back. I told Him that for now I am happy just to have a friend around, but I have to admit I am not closed to her being more.

I am not going to push at anything right now.

Sometimes it is just best to see where things go.

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