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Monday, July 11, 2005

Mac and I went out on Saturday afternoon. We thought we would just see who was a the pub but there was no one there that we knew so we called a couple of people and before long we were having a quiet but fun conversation with friends. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

As the day drew on to evening, the pub was still quiet but with a couple of drinks inside me I had the giggles and rather then find it annoying, I noticed that Mac seemed to be enjoying me enjoying myself. He kept smiling at me with what looked to me to be open acceptance. He could hardly take His eyes of me and I was the same with watching Him. Anyone would have thought we were in love.

I felt my throat thicken and I could see Mac's gaze starting to change to lust and I squeezed my legs together to stop my clitoris from throbbing so hard. When He rested His hand on my thigh I realised the pressure on my bladder was making my cunt clench even tighter and I thought I had better use the bathroom before I exploded right there. I excused myself and made my way down the hall. There is another little hall at the end that the bathrooms branch off and I was not surprised to find I had the toilets to myself. The pub really wasn't crowded at all.

When I came out of the bathroom Mac was standing in the little hall with His hands in His pockets, slouching back against the wall. I looked at Him from across the hallway.

"We can't." I said. "Someone could come down here any minute. We would get caught."
"I know we can't." He said. "I just wanted you to know that you are making my cock throb with lust for you."
"Damn You." I whispered as I melted into His arms. "That's unfair."
He held me and kissed my hair. Then my cheek. "There is nothing unfair about it, baby. I am just letting you know that your male is hard because of you. I can't take my eyes off you. You are all I want. And if that makes your cunt clench, then that is a good thing. And if it makes your throat thick with lust, then I don't see anything wrong with that either. I want you, Sarah. Your male wants you."
"But You don't understand." I whispered while running my hand over the hardness in the front of His pants. "It's not just my cunt clenching and its not just the thickness in my throat. I need Your cock. I need it now."
"Christ." He said. "I could come in seconds."

It was all I could do not to rip His pants from Him. He didn't stop me. He just allowed me to remove His cock from His pants, then He pulled up my skirt and pulled me close to Him again. I kissed Him while stroking His cock between us. I drew His tongue into my mouth and sucked on it. Mac's knees buckled just a little bit. He was groaning, growling softly in the back of His throat and I was loving every second of having Him belong to me. He was close to coming and I could tell it was going to be a hard orgasm and I pulled my mouth from His.

"Babe, quick." I whispered hurriedly. "I can hear someone coming." And I kissed Him again. He groaned and His cock exploded all over my panties while my tongue wriggled in His mouth. I kept stroking Him and kissing Him until He grabbed my arms and pushed me away from Him.

"Christ." He said. "Did anyone see?"
I smiled slyly. "No. I didn't hear anyone coming. I just knew it would make Your orgasm more intense."
"You bitch. You cunning little bitch. I was so fucking close that I couldn't stop it. You knew that, didn't you?"
"I know You well." I grinned at Him and He smiled at me.

He pulled me into an embrace. We kissed again then He straightened up on the wall and He tucked Himself away. I checked my skirt and sure enough there was semen on it from where His cock had leaked while we were kissing.

"I need to clean this up a little." I said as I turned back towards the bathroom.
"Ok." He said and I knew He was watching me walk away.
I stopped at the door and looked at Him over my shoulder. "Besides," I said, "this will give me a chance to rub Your semen into my cunt." I grinned.
"You cunning little bitch." Mac hissed again. Then He smiled. "God, I adore you , girl."

I smiled at Him and let the door swing shut behind me.

Not long after, Mac decided that He needed to take me home.

Knowing your Male well has its advantages. It really was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:00 am

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