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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mac and I went shopping yesterday and Mac held my hand and did His best not to scowl each time I wanted to have a 'quick look' at something, or quickly try something on. He sort of slouched along beside me and tried His best to smile and I was so very proud of Him that I said we could go to the hardware store to pick out a new toy for Him before we went home. Besides, He needed new drill bits for His AK-47 drill.

And when we walked into the hardware store all hand holding ceased and He strutted ahead of me so sure of where He had to go. He strode down the aisles as if He owned the place, His chest stuck out, shoulders back, head held high. He never said it, and I doubt He even knew He was doing it, but He left me in no doubt that this was a man's place, the home of testosterone and all traces of girlieness were to be left at the door.

I couldn't help but smile at Him.

He is just so adorable.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 10:29 am

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