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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sometimes the lines between fantasy and reality blur for me.

Yesterday immediately after He fucked me hard and came inside my pussy, He pulled me from the bed onto my knees on the floor. He pushed my shoulders against the side of the bed and stood astride my chest, giving me no choice but to hold onto His ass as He thrust His cock into my mouth. Then He hissed at me that it was not my cunt I could taste on His cock, that it was some other slut that He had just fucked. And I groaned and whimpered and sucked at Him harder, trying desperately to get more of Him inside my mouth, to clean more of her from Him.

"She wants it back." He hissed. "The little slut wants my cock back inside her cunt. She wants me to come inside her."
"No." I shook my head and licked at His balls. "She can't have it. Your semen is mine. It's mine." I whimpered and moaned and licked His balls again.
"She wants it." He grunted. "She is going to push your head away and guide my cock back inside her. She wants my orgasm."
"No." I lapped at His cock greedily, trying to force Him to come for me. "Your orgasm is mine. Mine." I sobbed and sucked and licked like a starving little whore.
"The slut is going to take it, Sarah. She is going to get my semen. I am going to come inside her. I am going to come inside her." He groaned.

And sometimes the lines between fantasy and reality blur for Him.

I pulled my mouth from His cock and looked up at Him, my eyes glittering with lust and jealousy. "She can have it." I growled. "But only if I get to suck Your semen back out of her cunt."

Poor Mac. I really don't think men are built to come that hard twice within minutes. His knees buckled as He spurted into my mouth. He grunted and groaned and growled and then groaned some more. Then He climbed onto the bed and just lay there, completely spent. I giggled as I curled up next to Him and He told me to hush or He would smack me in the mouth. I giggled again and pointed out that He could hardly lift His arm. He didn't have enough energy left to smack me. He called me a sassy little slut and I snuggled up to Him grinning and giggling again. Apparently when I giggle like that I am being very girly and He loves it when I am gurgling and content.

I don't mind it either.

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