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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Last Friday Mac stayed at home to work and we teased and tormented each other all day. By early evening we were both very on edge and when Mac suggested He stop work for the day and fuck me instead, I didn't have any complaints. In fact, I raced Him to the bedroom and had my panties off before He walked into the room.

He called me a slut, which has pretty much become a term of endearment between us and when I climbed onto the bed and opened my legs, He gave up on any pretence of not being as turned on as I was. My first orgasm was brought on by Him biting and sucking at my pussy.

After that things between us got really intense. Mac made me squat over Him and fuck myself with a dildo while His cock was in my ass. He growled and hissed a slutty fantasy at me about squatting over a stranger in a car park and I felt like I was sitting on the edge of orgasm almost from the moment he entered me. Mac kept telling me not to come, that I wasn't allowed to and I thought I was going to burst. When He finally said I could come I dug my nails into His chest and begged god to make it stop. I have never ever come so hard in my life and my orgasm pulled Mac's from Him though He said later He had not been ready to come.

I collapsed onto Mac and while I lay there He stroked my hair. He tried to tell me something and although I heard the words, I couldn't fathom the meaning of them. He might as well have been speaking French to me. He tried again and for some reason this struck me as quite funny and I started to giggle and I couldn't stop. He started chuckling at my giggling and that made me giggle more. He managed to get out from underneath me and climb off the bed. I was still giggling as He put me in the shower. We had to go out and I needed to get ready, but I was so high that the simplest of tasks required Herculean concentration and it did not help at all that Mac found it hilarious that I was so vacant. I couldn't finish a complete sentence without getting lost half way through so I gave up on trying to talk and just made sure I got dressed.

We went out with friends including Angela and her husband and another friend Paula, who is still getting over a very messy divorce. There were others, but it was Angela and Paula who had my attention as the evening drew on because as more women crowded around Mac, it became almost a fight between the two of them to claim Mac as their friend. Both took liberties with Him that neither would have considered taking had it just been us around. Paula called Mac endearments and told the other women present that she just adores Him and Angela was constantly telling everyone the things that Mac likes and dislikes, making sure everyone knew of her intimate knowledge of His preferences. When Paula leaned over and whispered in Mac's ear I had had enough of the carry on and I walked up to Mac and kissed Him on the cheek. Then I slid my hand into His and He held onto it and smiled at me. Both the women backed off. Mac belongs to me.

Later that night as we were getting ready for bed, I asked Mac what Paula had whispered to Him. He couldn't remember what I was talking about at first then as described what I had seen to help jog His memory, He looked at me rather stunned.

"God." He said. "You women don't miss a trick do you?"
"You had no idea what was going on, did you?" I shook my head at Him.
"Not a clue," He said. "Had I have known they were claiming me, I might have chosen one of them to fuck." He was laughing as He caught the pillow I threw at Him. He tossed the pillow aside and pushed me back onto the bed, falling on top of me and pinning my arms down. "And you, you little minx, making sure everyone knew that I am yours. I thought you were just being sweet!"
"I was being sweet." I said. "I didn't stab anyone in the face!"

He laughed and He kissed me before rolling off me to lie beside me on the bed. He tucked His arms behind His head and looked at the ceiling for a moment or two before shaking His head.

"Strange creatures, girls." He said.

I have to admit that sometimes we can be.

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