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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mac called me from the car yesterday. He had a set of instructions that He wanted me to carry out. He was very clear in what He wanted me to do. He never asked me to do it, just told me that I would and good girl that I am, I was eager to obey.

So I took the bottle and a dildo from our drawer and I went to our bathroom and pulled my panties down but not off. I left them around my ankles just like He told me to. I squatted down beside the bath and I slowly inserted the bottle into my pussy. I picked up the dildo and shoved it into my throat.

And god, I wanted to come immediately. I wanted it so badly that I had to hold the bottle still so that I didn't come. Mac told me I was not allowed to orgasm until He was with me. I didn't know how far away He was. I had no clue how long I would be made to wait and I wanted to take it easy, fuck myself slowly so that I could keep control but as soon as I moved the bottle I fucked myself frantically until I reached the very edge of orgasm and forced myself to stop again.

I could feel it, all of it. The ridges on the top of the bottle were scraping against the inside of me. My pussy was stretching open to take it in and my heart was thumping through my clitoris. I tried to squeeze the bottle, tried to milk it with my muscles, but it was milking me instead. I kept pushing it further and further inside me, desperate to feel even more.

My mouth ached from the constant sucking on the dildo. I kept forgetting it was in my other hand and as I pushed the bottle into me, the dildo would get shoved in too and I would gag and cough and pull it back a little until I forgot and did it again.

When I heard the front door open countless minutes later and heard Mac greet Pickle, Sugar and Spice I thought I was finally saved. I knew He would find me and let me come. I sobbed with relief and fucked myself to the edge of orgasm again. But He didn't come up the stairs. I waited, desperate to come and desperate not to disobey. I didn't know what He was doing but I pleaded with Him to hurry. I grunted and I whimpered and I hoped to christ He heard me and knew how close to losing control I was.

More minutes passed before I heard Him coming up the stairs. I could tell from His footsteps that He was in no great hurry and I wanted to scream at His nonchalance. He stood at the bathroom doorway and leaned against the frame sipping what I assumed was JD on ice from a glass.

I pulled the dildo from my mouth. "You Bastard." I hissed.
"I didn't say you could stop, slut." He said calmly and I started sucking on the dildo again.

He put His glass on the sink and pulled His shirt over His head. I watched Him with a mixture of lust, desperation, need and anger. He took off His shoes. I stopped moving the bottle, at the edge again.

"Don't stop." He demanded. "But don't come."

He undid His jeans. I half grunted, half sobbed and almost choked as I pushed the dildo too far down my throat again. He grabbed me by the hair and slapped my face.

"Slut." He hissed. Then He took the dildo off me and threw it on to the floor. He thrust His cock into my mouth. I gagged and gripped His thigh with my free hand, trying to keep myself on my feet. He pulled out of my mouth and slapped me again. I rocked and sobbed then gagged again as He shoved His cock back into my mouth.

"Ok bitch," He growled, "now you can come."

I sobbed and I grunted, I whimpered and choked and sobbed again. My body shattered and Mac pulled His cock from my mouth and I felt His semen splatter against my face before it flooded my mouth as He forced Himself back inside me again. My mind went completely blank. I don't know what happened, I don't have any recollection of it, I just remember becoming aware that I was still on my feet but only because Mac had a hold of my hair and my back was pressed back against the side of the bath. The bottle was still inside my cunt but both my hands were grabbing at His sides to try to get some balance and Mac was still forcing Himself into my mouth. My head hurt both from where He had a hold of my hair and from where He was pushing my head back into the tiles with each thrust. My cheeks stung from the slaps He continued to give me each time He pulled His cock from my mouth. Then I realised Mac was coming, a continuation of the first orgasm or a second one, I am not sure but my mouth was full of cock and semen and I couldn't breathe and I was coming again and digging my nails into His ass pulling Him into me further. He was growling and grunting and I didn't want it to stop. I didn't want Him to stop. I wanted Him to fuck me harder, slap me harder, hold me tighter and I wanted Him to keep coming. I wanted to keep coming. I wanted to be fucked like this, used this way forever.

I held onto Him long after He had finished, sucking at Him and whimpering. He let go of my hair and gently held my head, easing me away from Him. The bottle had slid from me at some point that I don't remember and Mac helped me stand and He held me to Him as my knees screamed from having been in squat for so long. He turned on the shower and pulled me in with Him and the water was hot and Mac and I just kissed. For a long time, we just stood together in the shower and kissed.

Then Mac pulled away from me a little and I knew He had something to tell me. I held my breath and waited to hear what it was.

"God baby," He said sounding a little astonished. "I am starving. What's for dinner?"
I shook my head and started laughing.
"What?" He said. "A man has to eat, you know."

God. I love Him to bits.

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