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Monday, August 29, 2005

On Saturday night we went out to dinner. Or perhaps I should say that Mac and I attended a formal function that we were cordially invited too. It was a very important dinner full of very important people held in very impressive surroundings. Or to put it in Mac's words: "This is nice".

We had a wonderful evening, surrounded by powerful men and beautiful women and for once I didn't feel out of place. Mac was gorgeous, totally and utterly edible in His dinner suit and bow tie and I wore a gown, very elegant while still being quite pretty. We made a very attractive pair.

And beneath the gown my breasts were aching, bruised and bitten, marked by His teeth before He had allowed me to get dressed. And my panties were soaked, my thighs sticky with His come from where He had pulled the skirt of my dress up and taken me from behind while I was bent over His desk. And my lips were all swollen and sore from the kisses He had taken from me in the car.

We walked into the room with my hand in His and I had felt like shouting to the room: 'This is Mac. He is mine. We are here.' Instead I glanced around at all the powerful men and beautiful women then I looked at Mac and smiled. I knew I could take on the world and defeat it just because He was there.

I sparkled and I shone. I was gorgeous and I knew it. Men were drawn to me, like male dogs to a bitch in heat. Maybe they could smell the sex on me, god knows I could, and that was why they couldn't stay away.

Mac, the new face on the block, was doing His own dance with the ladies that had gathered around Him. I could hear their tittering laughter as He shocked them with another outrageous little comment, but each time I looked over to Him, His eyes were watching mine. Neither of us cared that anyone else was there.

When it was time we moved fluidly together. Mac escorted me to dinner although neither of us were short of others willing to step in. He seated me then sat down beside me and He made introductions as we were joined. He treated me like a princess and in doing so made sure the other men treated me the same. I treated Him like my King and as we laughed together the others soon joined in and our table was one of joy. We were happy and sometimes I think that is all it comes down to. We were happy to be there together and it just showed.

I ate until I thought I would burst from all the food, but gosh, it was just so yummy that I felt bad about leaving some of it on my plate.

Then after dinner there was dancing and I always deferred to Mac before accepting another man's invitation. After taking the first dance with me He allowed me to be led away. I know He didn't doubt I would find my way back to Him. And of course, I did.

We took our leave a little before midnight, slipping out quietly after making sure the proper people had been thanked. Mac opened the door of the car that we had hired for the evening and we both slid into the back. Then Mac kissed me, rough hard kisses that bruised my lips and made them swell again.

"God" He said, "you were utterly gorgeous tonight. All those men around you, all of them wanting to touch you, asking you to dance so they could be close to you, I saw them all. I couldn't take my eyes off you." I smiled at the compliments and nibbled quietly at His neck. "All night" He continued "all I could think was 'I get to fuck her any time I want'."
"Mac!" I exclaimed, blushing and giggling, embarrassed and delighted at the same time.
"What?" He said.
"The driver!" I hissed.
"Oh," He said. "He isn't having you either. You are mine. He will have to find his own girl to fuck."

I gave up any pretence of having any say in what Mac said and kissed Him instead to shut Him up.

If the house had been five more minutes away we would not have made it home, I would have had to make Him come in the car. As it was He had me kneeling on the floor behind the front door and His cock was spurting over my cheek as He took it from His pants. All I had to do was make sure He was finished properly. It was nice.

He said to me today, that this just keeps getting better. Each time He thinks it can't possibly be any better than it is, something happens and suddenly it is.

He is right. I have never loved Him more.

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