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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yesterday was an odd day for Mac and me. I was out all day while He spent the day at home working and for us it is very rarely that way. But the wedding is drawing ever closer and I have constant case of the butterflies while I try to think of all the things that need to be done. So yesterday the bridesmaids and I spent the day in the city, having fittings and picking out some accessories (shoes, stockings, hair clips, lingerie, etc) and organising one or two things for the honeymoon. It was a very busy and long day and last night I was ever so happy to be home.

Mac was waiting for me when I trudged through the door and I wrapped my arms around His neck and kissed Him before announcing I was starved. Mac thought I was being funny because it's what He usually says, but the truth was I was famished. The girls are all on diets and I felt guilty even ordering chicken with my grass while they stuck strictly to salads, but god, how do they survive on next to nothing to eat? I admit I have been careful and taking it easy on the fat and sugar. I have been walking and I have toned up a lot, but I have not been denying myself to do it. I can't see how that could be healthy or fun.

So I starved all day, eating like a rabbit, and I was craving a nice thick slice of bread. Mac followed me to the kitchen and let me make Him a sandwich too. We ate in companionable silence because I was too starving to talk. God that sandwich was good.

When we had finished, Mac said He still had some work to finish off and I cleaned up the kitchen then went upstairs to have shower and wash away the city. I don't know how people live in cities. Everyone and everything is always in such a rush and the air is thick with impatience and it settles on my skin. I am just not a city person at all.

After the shower, I threw on a clean shirt of Mac's and went downstairs and made us both a cup of tea. I brought it to His study and put it on His desk and I knelt on the floor next to His chair and waited for Him to finish what He was doing.

"Bout bloody time, woman," He growled, "leaving me here to fend for myself all day."
"I have been home an hour!" I was grinning.
"You were eating and showering." He grumbled.
"I made You a sandwich too." I said.
"Yeah," He said. "I suppose that's alright then." He looked at me. "Hey. You scrubbed up alright." (I think that was a compliment.)

I shook my head and sipped my tea and the conversation turned to things we had both done that day. It was nice just to catch up with each other again. When I drained my cup and put it on His desk, Mac reached out and stroked my cheek. I snuggled into His hand and I yawned.

Mac smiled. "Right you," He said. "Bugger off. I have work to do and you should be in bed."
I rested my head against His thigh. "Tell work to bugger off." I said quietly. "I want You for a little while longer."
He reached down and stroked my hair. "Ok" He said. "A little while longer."
I looked up at Him in surprise. "That worked?"
He chuckled. "Yes. Today it worked. There has to be lots of kissing though."

So I climbed up into His lap and I held His face between my hands and I kissed His eyes and His cheeks and the tip of His nose. My fingers stroked His hair as I licked His chin and giggled at the roughness of His stubble. Mac slid His hands under my shirt and let them rest against my back where my bra strap usually is. He knows how sensual I find it, having big strong warm Male hands on a spot usually so constrained.

"Sometimes," I whispered while nuzzling at His neck, "You like all this girly stuff."
"I always like it with you. I just don't always admit it." He said.
"You like to be kissed a lot?"
"I have told you before, Sarah, you can kiss me as much as you want. I won't mind. Love me all you want, baby. I can handle it."
"That's a lot of love." I whispered and I licked His top lip and sucked it into my mouth.
"It's a part of us." He said when I gave Him His lip back. "You are gorgeous."
"I adore You." I said and I kissed Him again. "I belong to You."
"You do." He said and He smiled at me, a heart-achingly beautiful smile that I just had to kiss again.
"Now let me bugger off so You can finish Your work." I said. "I need some sleep and if one of us doesn't leave now, neither of us will go."
He smiled again. "Sometimes, giving you these few extra minutes is enough for us both." He said.
I kissed Him again and slid from His lap, holding His hand as I stood up. "When You come to bed, I will let You kiss my breasts." I whispered shyly. "I will hold You all night. I promise I won't let You go."
"God." He said. "How is it possible to love someone so much?"
I smiled at Him as I walked out the door.

By the time I had brushed my teeth and taken care of my face, Mac had finished up work for the night and He came to bed just after me.

So it was an odd day and a long day and I could have been out of sorts, and maybe had I not had those extra minutes with Him I would have been. But it doesn't take long to reconnect with each other and remind each other that we share an incredible amount of love.

Right now that is exactly what I need.

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