Kneeling before Him...



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Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Come here." He said quietly.

She looked at Him sharply, anger colouring her gaze. She was angry, very angry and she felt she had a right to be. And now He was ordering her around? How dare He? HOW DARE HE!

"Why?" she spat at Him. She was not about to do what He said. She was in no mood at all to do as she was told.

He looked at her coolly, calmly and without the slightest hint at what was going on in His mind. He seemed oblivious to her anger, completely and totally at ease.

"Because I said so." There was no anger in His voice, no demand. He said it like there could be no more important reason in the world.

Her hands clenched into fists as she tried to think of some smartass reply and no one could have been more surprised than her when she found she had moved in front of Him. He reached up and cupped her face in His hands. She grabbed His wrists. He captured her with something as simple as a kiss. His slid His tongue into her mouth. Her knees buckled and her mind went blank. She responded by pushing her tongue against His. He growled. She whimpered. She belonged to Him again. Both of them knew it was true.

"We can fight later if you like," He said, "but first, we are going to fuck."

She was already taking off her clothes.

Later, she would be angry again, but for now she had to take care of His cock.

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