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Monday, September 26, 2005

Mac loves me. I know that hardly comes as a surprise to anyone here, but sometimes it is nice for me to remind myself of it. He loves me a whole damn lot.

We went away for the weekend. We weren't supposed to go. I was up to my ears in wedding plans, Mac was up to His eyeballs in work, but we were offered a cabin rather cheaply for the weekend as the guy who had hired it broke up with his girlfriend Wednesday night and as he couldn't get his money back, he offered it up to anyone that wanted it. As much as we had to do, we both thought this would be good for us. So we took the time even though we did not have it to spare.

We left late Friday night and arrived even later. We really only had time to bring in the bags and unpack the food before climbing into bed exhausted. We both fell asleep with hardly a word. Mac woke me at 2am. He dragged me from the bed and made me kneel and take His cock into my mouth. He came quickly and we both got back into bed and fell back asleep. It pretty much set the tone for the weekend.

I woke feeling very submissive and Mac admitted that although He tries not to take advantage of my need to please too much, He was going to make full use of it for the next two days. He said that He planned on taking what He wanted when He wanted it and nothing was going to get in His way. Then He pinned me to the bed and used me to make Himself come again.

And as selfish and arrogant as that sounds of Him, it also means we kissed an awful lot, we touched each other constantly, we laughed together, we snuggled on the couch and we talked more than we have done in a long time. We had long lazy discussions while lying naked in the bed. It's hard to hide your feelings when there is nothing else between you but your skin. We whispered secrets, little things that we hadn't told each other before. Little things that brought us even closer together, silly things that made me love Him more.

We didn't get out of bed until hunger made Him send me to the kitchen. After we ate we had nothing else that needed to be done. We just lay about and read books and talked to each other. There was no phone, no television, no computers. We didn't even have the mobile phones on. We had no contact with the outside world. It was just perfect for bringing us back together. We had left word that if there were any dire emergencies we could be contacted through a caretaker, so everyone just left us alone.

After lunch Mac took my hand and led me back into the bedroom. He pulled my hair and grazed His unshaven jaw across my neck and breasts. He bit my nipples and when I tried to fight Him off, He pinned me to the bed and fucked me hard. I took skin from His back with my nails when I came. It hurt so very nicely. When Mac had come He climbed out of bed and grabbed a marker out of our bag. He circled my nipples and wrote His name beneath my breasts. On my thighs He claimed me as His slut then He claimed my cunt as well. When He was finished, His cock was hard again. He knelt over me and lowered His balls into my mouth and He used me to make Himself come once more. There is something rather decadent about having sex in the middle of the afternoon. He held me close to Him while we took a nap.

When we woke, we both showered then we headed into the little town for dinner. We found a quaint little Chinese restaurant that looked so out of place in that we almost had no choice but eat there. It was almost empty so we chose a table near the window. The waitress asked me if I would like cutlery or chopsticks. I dithered for just a moment too long. I can use chopsticks, I am competent with them, but using them in public always bothers me because I am not as comfortable with them as I am with a knife and fork.

"She will use chopsticks." Mac said simply when I didn't answer immediately. We ordered drinks and when the waitress had moved away I reached across the table and put my hand over Mac's.
"Thank you." I said. Sometimes I just lack confidence in little things like that. Sometimes I need Him just to give me that little push. We both know it and I don't think I thank Him for it enough.

Mac smiled at me and we ordered more food than we could eat but it was all so very yummy that we ate until we almost burst. I managed with the chopsticks just fine.

Later when we were back at the cottage and had been lying on the couch reading, I stood up and stretched and announced I was going to bed. Mac looked at me over the top of His book.

"You will go to bed when I say you can, slut." He said. I bowed my head to hide my smile and sat back down. He made me wait another 20 minutes or so before He stood and forced me onto my knees on the floor. He undid His jeans and told me to make Him come again. I sucked on Him like a greedy little whore.

When I had finished Him off properly, He said we could go to bed. We both slept straight through the night. When we woke, He turned me onto my tummy and slowly and lazily fucked my ass. Then we lay in bed together and talked about some of the people in our past. My old friend Christine has made a recent attempt to contact me although it has been almost a year since I cut all communication with her. At first Mac said it was up to me if I answered her or not, and after much deliberation, I still could not decide. The thing is she was bad for me. She undermined my confidence and did her best to destroy trust between Mac and I and I really didn't want her back in my life. But she said she needed to talk to me and I hate to think of her as hurting. I would like to help her if I could. Mac gave me a week to think it over and when I was still not sure what to do by Sunday He took that choice away from me. I am not allowed to contact her unless He says I can. He feels that nothing good could come from me being in contact with her again. I am relieved that He made the choice. The responsibility is not mine anymore.

After breakfast we went for a walk in the woods and we found a very quite place to kiss and feel each other up. I don't have any idea how long we stood there for. We were like teenagers lost in the lust of kissing and touching without going the whole way. It was so very frustratingly nice.

We arrived home late last night.

It was a great way for Mac and me to touch base, to put everything aside and just be ourselves for a while. Things are moving along quite swiftly and with Mac having been away, we needed to take the time to reconnect and remind each other that the important thing is us.

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