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Monday, September 05, 2005

Mac was mean to me yesterday and I loved every second of it. It sort of started on Saturday really. I had to go out early and I left Mac sleeping in our bed. It used to be a rare occurrence around here, but with the wedding looming, it is happening more often than we would like. When I arrived home at lunch time Mac asked if I would be staying home with Him on Sunday. I told Him I wasn't sure because I still had things that needed to be done and if we could get the girls together on Sunday, then I would have to go out.

Mac just smiled and said that it was ok.

When He woke on Sunday and found me still beside Him, He kissed me and smiled and told me that He was glad I was there. I opened my arms to Him and pulled Him close and whispered "fuck me?"in His ear.

He was vicious, forcing a dildo into my ass then shoving His cock into my cunt while I knelt and He reached around me and pinched my clitoris until I whimpered and sobbed. He fucked me without thought or care. I cried and I pleaded, begging Him to stop while pushing back on Him.

"You asked to be fucked." He said and grunted as He forced His cock into me once more. "Now you want me to stop?"
"No." I sobbed. "Please don't stop." And in the next breath I was begging Him to stop again.

He didn't stop. He just reached back around me and played with my clitoris until I came, then He came deep inside of me.

We lay on the bed, both out of breath and both smiling. I looked at Him and got the giggles which made Him chuckle which made me laugh and He held onto me until I stopped. Then He made me get out of bed and make Him some breakfast.

After lunch we were mucking around on the couch, semi wrestling, semi tickling, mostly laughing at each other when I somehow ended up straddled over Him. His mouth was right in front of me so I gave in to temptation and kissed Him in a very wicked way. He sent me to the bedroom and told me to prepare myself which meant He wanted me kneeling beside the bed, breasts resting on the bed with nipples clipped, panties around my ankles, and a clip on my clitoris. I went upstairs and did as I was told. I was there about five minutes before He finally came up and looked in on me. He nodded in satisfaction then told me to stay there. He was going to get Himself a drink.

And I was furious with Him. I was so angry that my hands clenched into fists but I didn't move because He had said not to and another ten minutes went by before He was back at the door again.

"Good girl." He crooned and in spite of my anger, I found myself squirming in delight. "The drink was lovely," He said. "Glanced at the paper too." And suddenly I found my anger again.
"Arrogant bastard." I hissed.
"Shut up bitch." He said.

He stood behind me and lifted me until I was standing bent over with my hands on the bed in front of me. When He had His cock in my cunt, He told me to reach between my legs and grab a hold of the clitoris clip and pull on it. I asked Him not to make me but He growled at me to obey so I reached down and pulled the clip out. Each time I whimpered He told me to pull harder, it wasn't till I started sobbing that He said that I could stop. I had to take the clip off and masturbate until I came. I fell against the bed as my orgasm pulsed through me then I gasped and shoved myself away from it as the clips on my nipples were pushed into me.

Mac laughed and withdrew. "You shouldn't call me a bastard." He said.
"But You are a Bastard." I said grinning.
He shrugged then pointed at the place I had been kneeling when He came in. I moved to it and knelt on the floor again. "Don't move." He said. "I feel like another drink." I opened my mouth to protest. He shook His head. It took every ounce of will power that I possess to make my mouth shut again. Mac smiled and walked out of the room.

"Bastard," I whispered really quietly when I knew He was gone.

He came back much quicker this time. Only about five minutes had passed but I knew it wasn't me He was thinking of. He told me to turn away from the bed and moved so that His cock was at my mouth. I masturbated again as He held onto my hair and used my mouth to pleasure His cock. He made sure my tongue was exactly where He wanted it. I licked beneath His balls before He pulled me back to take His orgasm in my mouth. I came as He spurted into me.

"There." He said when we were done. "That's what you get for calling me a Bastard."
"Oh yeah," I said. "That will really teach me not to do that again." I rolled my eyes. Mac laughed. "Bastard," I whispered again. He pulled me onto the bed and snuggled me in close and we both had a nice afternoon nap.

And later again as we climbed into bed for the night I pressed my body against Him and whispered how much I love Him in his ear. He told me to present and once His cock was in my ass He forced me flat onto the bed. He made me use my muscles to squeeze Him, my tongue exploring His mouth, and my whimpers filling His ears to make Him come again. I was exhausted by the time I had finished Him off properly.

Mac pulled me close and whispered that now that the day was over, He wanted to tell me something that He hadn't been able to tell me before. He stroked my hair and I nibbled at His neck while He spoke.

He told me that on Saturday when He woke and realised that I had already left, He felt very lonely. He said the house was cold and empty with me gone. He hadn't told me the day before because if I had needed to go out on Sunday, it would have ruined the day for me knowing that He was feeling that way.

"But now I can tell you," He said, "that your big, rough, arrogant, don't give a fuck, tough male was miserable and lonely because you weren't here."
"Bastard." I whispered with tears spilling from my eyes. "You made me cry."
"Hey," He said gently. "I didn't mean to make you cry." He kissed away a tear. "But I guess crying because you are loved so much is not unacceptable."

I nodded that it was ok and I kissed His neck and snuggled in even closer to Him.

"Gorgeous creature," He whispered into my hair.

He says that He rarely lets me see His vulnerabilities, but it doesn't do any harm now and then.

He is right of course. All it does is make me love Him more.

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