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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mac was right in His comment below. There are times I turn in on myself. I can feel it happening but I can't stop it. I just have to go with it. It's nice to know He finds it irresistible, means I don't have to try to stop it from happening.

He came home yesterday and we were sitting on the couch together sharing the things we had done while we were apart. I was tripping over my own words in the excitement of having Him home and in having so much to share. Mac let me babble on, smiling at me in a bemused kind of way. I was bubbling over with happiness. Then Mac said something that changed it all. I was in the middle of a story and I stopped to take a breath.

"So, how are we going to deal with my hard-on?" He said.
My head dropped, my hands twisted in my lap, I hid behind my hair. "In whatever way pleases You most." I whispered.

He took my hand from my lap and led me upstairs to our bedroom and I followed him quietly. He told me to undress and while I did He got the pen. He wrote 'Mac's whore' beneath my breasts. Then He drew an arrow from my belly down to the very top of my pussy, pointing down. He wrote in large letters 'FOR HIS COCK' across my tummy. He put me on the bed and with my tongue in His mouth, my hands in His hair, my legs wrapped around His waist, His cock made use of what He had claimed. When I had come He withdrew and I used my mouth noisily and messily until He came. We fell asleep wrapped up in each others arms.

Today I feel all wicked and beautiful. I have words written on me that would make my mother faint, yet they feel so right to me. I find myself sitting here with my hand up inside my shirt, tracing my fingers over the words He wrote. I am His whore, made for His cock, His. And Mac has been so sweet to me, treated me with nothing but love. I am His angel, His princess, though that could simply be because while He was ranting and scowling about how much of an idiot He was doing a business deal with, I waited until He took a breath and I quickly, softly kissed Him on the cheek. Then I blushed, and I hid behind my hair again. Mac somehow seemed to run out of anger, at least for a little while. He adores it, the angel and the whore, the princess and the slut. (Thanks Amber!) I get to be everything I need to be, including loved.

That's enough for me.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 12:35 pm

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