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Friday, September 16, 2005

Sometimes it just amazes me how cuddling and snuggling can so quickly become lust. Last night Mac and I were spooning, my back against His front, curled up together comfortably. I was so tired and I knew He was too. We were both drifting on the edge of sleep when I turned my head and kissed Him. It was enough to start it all. He cupped my breast and pinched my nipple and whispered in my ear what a sexy little slut I was. I squirmed back against Him in embarrassed delight and His cock started to harden. I reached behind me to take it in my hand. I wanted to encourage its sudden growth. I didn't need to move it much, Mac was rocking His hips into it and I was pushing my hips back forcing His cock to push against my ass. His hand moved up to hold me around my throat. He didn't even have to use any pressure to make me feel faint. The lust I felt at having His hand there was enough. The name calling never stopped. 'Slut' 'fuck bitch' 'whore' and 'come-dump' are some that I remember. There were more and dirtier but they make me blush even worse than I am now.

He turned me onto my belly and climbed over me. He spat on His hand and used it to lubricate His cock and my ass. Then He slowly forced His way inside of me. I wanted to cry out, but He was holding my face down and the best I could manage was a stifled moan. When He let go He started to bite my shoulders and suck on my neck. I whimpered and pleaded with Him to bite me harder, mark me deeper. He complied.

I had to work for His orgasm. I had to use my muscles to pleasure Him. He wouldn't thrust, just rock gently against me. He told me He wanted me to come for Him. He wanted to feel the contractions from my orgasm suck on His cock. I had to push my arm beneath me, force my hand down between my legs so that I could tease my clitoris while keeping Him inside my ass. When I came He said it wasn't enough and made me do it again, then again. Each time I came, with each contraction, His breathing grew more ragged and I knew He was holding back. I cursed Him for not coming for me.

"Make me come, Sarah." He hissed.

I gripped the sheets with my hands to brace myself. I was using everything I could to tighten my muscles against Him more. He was close, so close but He wouldn't give in.

"Bastard." I spat.
"That won't do it." He said.
I twisted my head around as far as I could. His tongue licked at my lips. "I wish I had another cock in my cunt." I said and wriggled my tongue into His mouth.

He came. I wasn't sure if it was me or if He just couldn't hold back any longer, but He told me today that my slutty little remark had heightened the pleasure that He felt. He said He didn't know if it was what I said, or the fact that I was saying it just to please Him, but which ever way, it worked for Him exactly as it should have.

And just as quickly as it had started, it subsided again. We moved back into the position we had been in before the kiss and within minutes I could hear His breathing deepen and His body grow heavier behind me. I don't remember anything after that.

It amazes me that after all this time it still feels so fresh and new. We never tire of what the other has to give. We keep the lust simmering so strongly just below the surface that a little kiss is all it takes to make it overflow.

It's a very nice way to live.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 2:21 pm

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