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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Controversy! Yay! I felt this place could do with some livening up! I love that the comments on my previous post were split. I love that there are people out there that can disagree with me without resorting to telling me I am ill and need help! That is really rare around here. My thanks to you all!

I would like to add that Mac has not at all been shut out of the wedding planning. I showed him the bridesmaid's dresses and asked what He thought. He glanced at them, said the equivalent of "that's nice dear" and went back to whatever He was doing before I interrupted. Had He recoiled in horror, I would have had to rethink the colour scheme, but as He had no objections, I moved on.

I mean that. Had He recoiled in horror, I would have rethought it. I would not have gotten into an argument with Him over it. Yes it is His day too and I would no more ruin it for Him by making Him stare at something He found hideous then I would show up without doing my hair. But I just can't help imagining some male standing there with his hands on his hips, pouting as he whined "I want them in lemon, not tangerine." I expect he would then flounce off to call his mates and tell them all how mean and unreasonable she was being. There is a difference between having a say and fighting over every detail.

Did I do it with other things? Of course I did. I showed Him a picture of the cake. ("Still tastes the same, doesn't it?") I showed Him a picture of the flowers. ("You know, you can eat some flowers." (It was dinner time.)) I asked Him about the engraving inside the rings. ("Yes! Put the date! That way I can look at the ring when I need to remember it." Moment of thoughtful silence. "Better put your name on there too.")But of course, He hasn't seen my dress, and for all I know, He could still recoil in horror and think I look like some overgrown snowball or powder puff. And if He tells me that I look like an overgrown anything when I reach Him at the end of the aisle, I will probably deck Him and flounce out the door. (Well, ok, I would roll my eyes, tell Him He had no clue what He was talking about and marry Him anyway.)

I had forgotten for a moment that Mac and I are not like everyone, and I do like the diversity in the world. I mean, can you imagine a world full of women like me? (Right now Mac is imagining a world full of women on their knees with His cum running down their chins and thinking it would not be too bad.) All of them would want a Mac and they can't have mine. I am not sharing, at least not for a while. I have become quite possessive of Him as the wedding draws closer. We had our respective boy's/girl's night out last weekend and while I was being ever so loudly entertained by a large group of rowdy women, we attracted quite a few young males on the make. One guy in an attempt to make conversation after finding out I was the bride-to-be asked me what my fiancee was like.

"He is a pain in the ass," one of the girls drunkenly giggled. "He is loud, rude, obnoxious, arrogant, egotistical, and chauvinistic. But he does it all in such a way that you can't help but want him. He is so yummy." She said.

And as I laughed with her I was thinking that if she goes near Mac anytime soon, I will slap the bitch clear into next week. Every time I tell Mac that something like this has happened He calls me a jealous little slut. Then He lets me drag Him off to fuck Him again. It's my way of making sure He is still mine. He doesn't seem to mind.

So I agree that men should not be forced to have something they find utterly distasteful at their wedding, it is their day too. But seriously, if the pair of you actually fight over the colour of dresses, I would suggest you ask yourself if you really think this is really a marriage you want. I mean, if neither of you care enough about the other to be able to compromise happily on the wedding, which only lasts a day, what other things are you not going to be able to compromise on for the rest of your life?

And even when I am being totally reasonable about this, part of me recoils at the thought of some man wanting to tell me what colour dresses should be worn. I can't help but think his mother should have let him play cowboys more often. It's an awful generalization and I should be ashamed of myself, but it is honestly what I think. I guess I am just wired to feel that way.

Good job the way Mac is is just perfect for me.

Of course that is why we make each other smile so much.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:35 am

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