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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Greedy greedy greedy! What greedy readers Sarah has! I don't see how she stands the pressure from you guys. *grins and winks*

Okay, let's nip this one in the bud: No bloggers went to Sarah's and Mac's wedding, including me. I knew what song they were dancing to because Sarah wrote about it and my husband and I found that wedding picture on the web and fixed it up for Sarah; that is NOT Sarah and Mac in that picture.

IF Sarah does share any real pictures from her wedding, which she probably won't, I'm sure she'll share them with everyone on this blog the same time she shares them with me.

I won't be getting any special treatment. sighs and pouts

All I know is what you guys know too; they got married on Saturday and they are now on their honeymoon! (SOOOO EXCITING!) They should be back late next week.

That's it! That's all anybody knows.

Sarah is understandably very protective about her anonymity on this blog. I don't know her real name or Mac's real name. She just can't risk giving that information out, you see. Think about it; if YOU were sharing your sexual life anonymously, would YOU want your friends, co-workers, family to find out?

Probably not. :-)

So I'm in the same boat you guys are; eagerly waiting to hear what details Sarah CAN share about the wedding and the honeymoon.

Meanwhile, in a lame attempt to keep you insatiable Submissive Reflections fans occupied, here is Mac tap-dancing in his wedding tux:

Image hosted by

(Psst! It's not really Mac but a reasonable fascimile thereof. Isn't the resemblance amazing??)

Aw, MAC! Who knew you could dance so well?

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