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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mac came home on Friday night. I was already in bed, propped up on a heap of pillows reading while waiting for Him. He came bounding up the stairs and practically bounced into the room and announced that He had gotten us tickets for the game, Cardiff v. Saracens. Then He looked at me and frowned a little. He asked if I would be well enough to go. I told Him I wasn't sure, but I didn't think I would be.

"Oh." He said. Then He told me that His cock was throbbing for me. He said He needed me to empty His balls. And in the next breath He was talking about the game again and how much fun it would be. Suddenly He stopped and looked at me again. He reminded me that I probably wouldn't be able to go. I think He was a little high on tiredness and excitement. He wasn't really making much sense.

"Christ" He said. "My cock is so hard I can't think straight. I wish you could come to the game."
"Well," I said, "I sort of need to get better before I do anything."
"Oh" He said again. He stood there quietly for a minute. Then, "Do you mean you have to get better before you can go to a game, or do you mean before you can take care of my cock?"
I laughed. "I can take care of Your cock now. I just meant I can't even think about going to the game the way I feel."
"Whew," He said, "I thought you were making an excuse!"
I grinned at Him. I never have. I hope I never do. "Make love to me?" I asked.
He was already undressing. "Are you sure you are not too sick?"
"Not that sick." I said.

He climbed over me on the bed.

"I need You inside me." I whispered. "Deep deep inside me." I patted my lower tummy. "In here."

He held His own weight over me so He wasn't putting pressure on my lungs and I wrapped my legs around Him. He kissed my forehead and I tangled my fingers in His hair.

"Come inside me?" I begged. "Please come inside me. I need Your spunk in me. Come for me, please?"

I suddenly just wanted His semen, wanted it desperately. I was pushing my hips up to meet His and I was revelling in every one of His grunts. His cock felt huge, so hot and slick as it slid into me. I wanted to drain it. I would have done anything for Him right then, just to have His semen in me.

When He came my fingers tightened in His hair and while He was groaning out my name, I was contracting my muscles on His cock and yelling out "yes, oh god yes!" I don't even think Mac was sure if it was my orgasm or His.

When He was finished He moved and lay on the bed beside me.

"So you can't come to the game?" He said.
"I really don't think I should." I sighed. "Why don't You ask Your dad if he wants to go with You?"
"You won't be sad, missing out?" He asked.
"A little," I admitted. "But I would be sadder if You missed out as well."

"You are so sweet." He said. He kissed me on the cheek and snuggled up to me. "Course, I was going to go whether you pouted or not, but this way, we don't have to fight about it."

I grinned at Him and rubbed my thighs together. I could feel Him leaking out of me. I knew that Mac would go even if I threw a tantrum, but I also really did want Him to go. I would have hated for Him to miss out just because I am sick.

And in case you couldn't tell from the comment He left last night, He had a really good time.

I still haven't sated my lust for His come.

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