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Monday, October 10, 2005

Well. It's been a week already. I don't know about everyone else, but the time seemed to fly here. I have to say I hope that this week and next are a little calmer because if they aren't I will be too exhausted to enjoy the day.

So what can I tell you? Well the dress is ready. I had the last fitting in the middle of the week and it looks perfect. I won't go into detail. Mac hasn't seen it and won't see it until I am at the church. The bridesmaid's dresses are exactly what I wanted. They look like fairies, all three of them. The flower-girl is actually wearing wings. The men's tuxes are all organised. The flowers have been chosen, cake ordered, rings engraved. Bible readings are organised along with those that will read. Music has been picked for the church. Cars are booked. The food has been selected, the 'token of appreciation from the bride and groom' has been approved and the chosen decor has been given the ok by my mum.

Bono didn't come through for me though and I am still lacking a song. The trouble is, the songs I like are not appropriate and the songs that are appropriate I don't like. I want something different, something typically Mac and Sarah, only Mac and Sarah are not really all that typical. I am sure we will come up with something in the next uh, 12 days.

The only thing that really worries me is Mac's speech. He has been chuckling to Himself about it for weeks now and so far, I have not heard a word of it. I think I am actually scared of what He might say to a room full of our closest friends and relatives while He has their undivided attention. I mean, He wouldn't be inappropriate, would He? I mean, this is Mac, right? He knows what is acceptable and what isn't. He is intelligent. He knows right from wrong. Thing is, Mac rarely allows political correctness to get in the way of what He wants to say. I have a horrible feeling that I am going to be a real blushing bride by the time His speech is over.

So that's really caught you all up to where I am. I will keep writing most of this week and some of next until I just get to nervous to be able to put anything down. I am sure it will be interesting to see what I come up with!

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