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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I wrote this yesterday and went to post it and discovered that my ISP had crashed. I couldn't get back online until today.

It's Monday and I am back! Actually we got home at approximately 1am last night so if I don't make too much sense today, I have an excuse.

Thank you all for understanding why I want to keep my wedding night as something for just Mac and I. I know that many of you are disappointed as I do tend to share all here. I will share some details of the honeymoon though, as I did tease a while back with a little of the story of us being overheard.

It started off innocently enough, as innocent as a honeymoon gets, I guess. We had arrived mid-afternoon and immediately gone swimming in the resort pool. It was so lovely. It was just hot enough for the water to be warm. We swam and splashed about and drank something cold and refreshing by the pool and swam and splashed about some more until early evening when we went up to the room and threw on something street-worthy and went out to dinner looking somewhat sun-splashed.

I don't remember what we had for dinner that night, but I know it was disgustingly yummy. I don't think we had an un-yummy dinner the whole time we were away. We stopped off for a drink in the hotel bar before heading up to bed. It as only about 9pm but we were pretty exhausted.

I showered first and Mac followed once I was out. That meant that by the time He was finished, I was lying on the bed naked reading some of the book I had taken with me. It was a coldly calculated move. It was our third night as husband and wife and we had made love both the previous two days and I had every intention of starting our honeymoon off right. Mac wasn't getting a choice.

So I lay on the bed naked with the door to the balcony open so we could hear the waves crashing on the beach and feel the ocean breeze. Mac came out of the bathroom and I had my legs slightly parted, one knee slightly raised. I wasn't very subtle at all. I pretended I didn't know He was there when I knew perfectly well He was watching me. He pounced on me, pulling the book from my hands and tossing it aside. I squealed, just a little. I hadn't expected to be jumped on. He shifted around until He was comfortably laying over me.

I don't know why I did it, but suddenly I started to struggle against Him. Perhaps it was His smug little grin, or maybe I just wanted to be overpowered, but suddenly I was really trying to push Him off me. He easily pinned me down and when I kept struggling, He slapped me. Tears sprang immediately into my eyes and as fast as the urge to struggle had come, it was gone. I was completely and utterly subdued. I wrapped my legs around Him and accepted Him into me.

He took advantage of my compliance and let go of my hands knowing I wouldn't fight Him anymore. He cupped my breast with His hand and suck/bit it below the nipple. I whimpered at the slight sting. He lifted His head to move to the other breast and as my fingers tangled in His hair and pulled His mouth onto my breast I was saying "No, please don't hurt me. Please don't." I cried out when He bit me.

Mac then moved out of me. "Turn over." He ordered. "Present to me."

I knew what He meant for me and I turned over to present still saying no and begging Him not to hurt me. I knew it would hurt. I don't know why I knew it would hurt. I think I wasn't relaxed enough and I wasn't trying to relax. I wanted it to hurt a little, I think. Still I was begging Him not to hurt me. Please don't hurt me. Please don't.

And as I pressed back against His cock and felt Him press into my ass I started to cry. My begging got quite desperate and Mac had to hold me still so I didn't press back against Him too fast and really hurt myself. I was sobbing, telling Him it hurts and pressing back for more at the same time.

I guess living on our own has its advantages. We have no neighbours close enough to hear us. We have no kids to wonder what we are doing. We can be as loud as we want whenever we want to be and I guess that can be a little louder than I thought. When I came I might have actually reached the point of screaming when I said "No oh god no."

We were actually finished and Mac was lying beside me suckling on my nipple and I was giggling at Him when we heard a knocking at the door. Mac got up and grabbed a pair of shorts out of the suitcase as He was the least dishevelled of us and also because He would not allow me to answer the door in just a robe. I pulled the sheet up to my chin and waited to see who it was.

It turned out to be the on duty manager, just checking to see if the young lady was ok as there had been some concern about my distress. Mac was chuckling but I could tell from the manager's tone that he was not convinced. I put on a robe and I went to the door and held onto Mac's arm. I told the manager I was just fine and that I had not meant for anyone to be concerned. He seemed slightly embarrassed as it became obvious why I had been making so much noise. I looked like I had been well fucked.

So Mac decided to confide in the poor man. He lent over so I could just hear as He told the manager I had been a virgin on our wedding night and He was still breaking me in. The manager blushed almost as much as I did. He couldn't seem to get away from us quickly enough.

We did receive a complimentary bottle of champagne in the morning which I guess was to make up for any embarrassment that we felt and we did remember to close the door or keep the noise down from then on. In fact, if I made too much noise Mac would put His hand over my mouth.

That made for a whole different set of fun.

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