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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mac and I have been having some absolutely incredible sex. Amazing sex. Utterly and completely decadent, loud and messy sex. We have been, quite honestly, seducing each other into a frenzy, into a stage where I had an early appointment yesterday and left before Mac woke and He pissed and moaned at me all day because I had not made Him come before work.

"Hey!" I said when He called me to piss and moan some more, "I did not get laid this morning either."
"I know," He said morosely. "I don't like the idea of you going out unsexed."
"Don't you trust me being unsexed?" I said.
"Of course I trust you being unsexed," He grumbled. "I just don't like it!"

It went on like that all day until He got home and made me take care of it for Him.

It feels a little strange how intense our sex life has become. Sometimes it frightens me. I know why it has taken this turn though. It is easy to figure out. Being married to Mac has given me a deeper sense of security and as much as I have submitted to Him before, this has opened up a new level of trust in me. Because of it, I have led Mac into a deeper, darker sense of depravity. I have whispered things to Him I never thought I would say. I have allowed myself to think things that I never thought I would think. I shock myself with some of the things that I say and do but Mac has found each thing utterly delicious, simply because I have the trust in Him to share it with Him.

Each time I delight Him with something I have thought, each time His cock pulses with lust for me, I come up with something even darker and dirtier and slightly more depraved to make it pulse harder and again. I am no longer even sure if what I think turns me on, or if the reaction I get from Him makes it so lustful for me. Poor Mac is walking around in something of a sexual haze. I don't think He has been this sexually elated since Karen with the D cup breasts jerked Him off in the broom closet when He was 14. (Something He still remembers with a certain amount of fondness.)

And each time this rough, decadent and extremely submissive sex occurs, I end up purring and gurgling and loving Him with such gentle softness that Mac ends up a little dazed by it all. One minute I will be calling Him a name while He is being so rough and the next I will be holding His face between my hands and licking His lips. He says that I am bewitching Him with my sex, but really, I just love every single second I am with Him.

We just can't seem to get enough.

I know I have said this once or twice before, but god I LOVE being married to Him!

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