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Friday, November 25, 2005

Thank god it's Friday. I know I know I have been very slack in writing this week. I even missed the blog's second birthday (which was yesterday). Two years, countless memories and right now I can't think of a single bad one. I love this place, really love it. It is a part of me. Mac always says I pour of much of me into it. He doesn't mind because He knows that everything I write here is as much for Him as it is for me. This blog is about what it is like kneeling at His feet. It is about us, how I see us, how I feel us, how I live us.

I think this blog has helped Mac and I learn more about each other and I know it has made us fall more and more in love. Not everyone gets to be as open as we have been here, as unguarded and defenceless as we have made ourselves with each other. Not everyone opens up so completely to their partner. We made this place a positive thing for us, a place I am safe to say the things I think and feel and I know no matter what is said, Mac will love me for being honest with Him. It's not always easy and sometimes I say it wrong, but I always say it honestly and Mac always appreciates that.

We have come a long way, this blog and I. We have grown together; from focusing only on the sex to realising there is so much more to us than just sex, from being so afraid of losing Him to enjoying being with Him, from being Sarah, to being Mac's Sarah. Mac says this blog is mine, He says He has no part of it, but without Him, it never would have existed. Without Him there is no Sarah McBroden. I belong entirely to Him.

And that's what it is all about really. I can't exist as this Sarah without Him. Last night we held each other and giggled (well I giggled, Mac insists He chuckles) and kissed and murmured about how wonderful life is. As we talked about how important we are to each other Mac said "imagine how empty life would be without this, Sarah". Just the thought of it stole my breath from me. I never want to live my life without this.

So here we are two years on, still holding hands, tighter than we have ever held hands before, still madly in love and encouraging it to grow each day. We have come so far and yet we feel that we have just started out. We have such a long way to go. I intend on taking the blog with us, all the way.

Thank you all for coming so far on our journey. I hope you all stick around to see where we go from here.

Two years.

Not bad for something I thought Mac would tire of after a month or so.

Happy Birthday, little blog of mine. I am very proud of you.

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