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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thank you all for the lovely comments so far. Sometimes I think I have missed when I am trying to convey how it felt and then I read the comments and see that I got it just right. It's important that the words have that feeling in them. Thank you for letting me know they do.

Once we were outside we were surrounded by people. We were kissed and manhandled and passed from person to person to be congratulated. I have no idea what was said and who we greeted but there seemed to be a lot of comments on the dress and on Mac scrubbing up rather well. I guess not many people see Him in a suit. He is rather dashingly handsome when He is all done up. The only two things I remember with clarity was my Dad came up to me and when Mac's great Aunt came to congratulate us.

My Dad came over and kissed me on the cheek. He said "Hello Sarah McBroden" and almost made me cry with happiness. I hugged him long and hard.

I would just like to take a moment to clarify that Broden and McBroden are not our real last names. When I started the blog I needed a last name that wouldn't be recognisable so I took both our last names and combined parts of them to come up with Broden. When Mac needed a last name we just put His family's Mc in front of it. So I have not really gone from being Broden to McBroden, just in case anyone was wondering.

Mac's great Aunt is a lovely old lady who has dementia and quickly forgets what she is doing and who everyone is. I have met her once before at a funeral and at that time she was convinced that Mac was her brother. Mac didn't mind at all escorting her around for the day. She was very comfortable with Him.

When her daughter brought her over to us she had no clue who we were, but she took it all in her stride.
"That's a lovely dress, dear" she said when she was introduced to me. "Are you going to a party?"
"Thank you," I said. "It's for the wedding."
"A wedding!" she said. "Oh how lovely."
I smiled and introduced her to Mac who said hello and took her hand and softly kissed her cheek. She immediately lowered her head and went all little girly shy and flirtatious. And Mac started flirting back with her. He told her she looked lovely and that He hoped He would get to dance with her later on. She got all giggly and couldn't reply. Then He kissed her hand and told her He would look for her later on and she looked at me and said "You had better keep your eye on him." And she giggled some more as she and her daughter moved on.

Immediately I threw my arms around Mac and kissed His cheek.
"Whasthatfor?" He said.
"Because You just made Your Aunt's day. It was sweet." I said.
"Oh that. It was nothing." He said. But it wasn't nothing. It was gorgeously generous and completely unselfish of Him. He made a little old lady whose life is filled with confusion feel special for a little while. It's a part of who my Husband is.

The photographer got all bossy and had us all line up so he could take photos in front of the church. Then we thought we had better head home for more photos before the reception. I reminded Mac and the groomsmen that there was cold beer waiting in the refrigerator and they moved everyone along. Mac helped me get my dress all in the car and climbed in behind me. We waved out the window as we drove off and everyone was waving back. It was fun.

Then we both kind of went 'phew' then we both laughed then Mac pulled me across His lap.
"Finally," He said, "I've got you all to myself. You look amazing."
He kissed me, rough, hard, lip bruising kisses. I pulled away and whined about photos to be taken and make-up. "Shut up," He said. "You can fix it when we get home." His hand reached up and under my dress. He played with the strap on my garter belt. I wriggled and squirmed but didn't try to stop Him. His tongue was in my mouth gently flicking at my tongue when He pulled my panties aside and pushed two fingers inside me. His thumb was pressed against my clitoris.

"We can't." I gasped. Though really there was no reason that we couldn't. The privacy partition was up, the windows were heavily tinted. We were pretty much alone. Still I thought out of propriety I should resist.
"I can do whatever I like to you." Mac smirked. "You are my wife."
I whimpered and tucked my face into His neck and I came.

It had absolutely nothing to do with sex. It was completely and utterly about ownership. I knew even then that there would be much more later on. I did reach for Mac's groin, but He pulled my hand away.

"After the photos." He said and He tucked me into His body and wrapped His arms around me and held me tightly until we were home.

We had a lot of photos taken, though the first thing the boys did was crack open a couple of bottles of champagne and we all drank a toast to the day. Then we all lined up again and again, in front of the roses and down in the orchard. We had photos taken in every possible combination you could think of and some you probably wouldn't. I had already informed the photographer that there would be no formal photos taken at the reception. I had no intention of spending my whole night having pictures taken with everyone. This was our celebration. I was not going to miss it. If people wanted photos they would have to grab us on the run and have them taken with their own cameras. I was very determined about that. I had photos with parents and grandparents taken at the church. I felt there was no need for any more.

The only photo we said no to was when the photographer wanted Mac to get down on one knee and take my hand, a proposal pose. I screwed up my nose at Mac and Mac raised an eyebrow at me and we both just agreed it would be wrong. Instead we had some taken with Mac sitting on a chair on the patio with me kneeling beside Him on the ground (though with the dress spread out all around me you can hardly tell I am on my knees. I look like I am just lost in a sea of white). My hand was resting on His thigh and I was looking up at Him and they came out just right.

Another favourite was down in the orchard, Mac and I are kissing and the bridal party is sneaking peeks at us from behind the trees.

I don't know how long the photos went on for but it felt like a long time. My face hurt from smiling and everyone was starting to wilt so we decided it was enough and we should get to the reception and have something to eat.

All the girls went inside to touch up make up and fluff up hair and there was a lot of giggling and girlish humour going on. The bridesmaids were as much on display as I was and they were having just as much fun. I took my time in the bathroom, letting everyone else use the mirror first because I knew Mac would come looking for me. The last bridesmaid was still standing next to me and we were chatting as I touched up my lipstick. Then Mac was standing in the doorway and my darling Emma kissed my cheek and said she would see me downstairs. She kissed Mac's cheek as she went past Him too. He closed the door and I knelt before He could tell me to.

"God, you are so beautiful." He said as He unzipped His pants. I looked up at Him and smiled and opened my mouth. It didn't take long. Again it wasn't about the sex. It was about us being who we are. I tucked Him away when He was finished, then I stood and checked my dress. I was pretty sure I had not spilt any of Him but I still checked anyway. Then I brushed my teeth and retouched up my lipstick and Mac stood behind me watching me and catching His breath.

We came back downstairs to much giggling and carry on from the peanut gallery who all thought we had been up to some mischief upstairs. The bridal party was made up of people that know us best, so it hardly surprised us that they thought this was so. I blushed of course, but Mac took it all in His stride. He just grinned at them all and refused to say anything. If He had lied He wouldn't have been believed and if He told the truth, well, He would never tell our friends about our sex. He will joke around about it, sure, and people think they know, but really they have no clue.

I slid my hand into Mac's and He smiled down at me. "Come wife." He said. "Your husband needs food." We were all laughing as He led us all out the door.

It was time for a wedding feast.

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