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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A friend asked me to come in and do a day's work at her office. At first I said no, thinking that I have so much to do myself without adding in other tasks, but she offered to buy me lunch on top of paying me for my time and I thought she must be pretty desperate for the help so I went in yesterday. It wasn't very exciting stuff, but I did manage to get a team of three girls working steadily on a mail out of Christmas wishes to the clients. We managed to get it all finished with ten minutes to spare.

So in that ten minutes I snuck into an empty office and wrote an email to Mac:

I expect You will be waiting patiently for me on Your knees, soft and gentle expression on Your face, an angel smile for Your working girl, drink in one hand and an announcement on what You will be serving for dinner.

You know, I could get used to this dominant stuff. I could make a good Domme.

What do You think? Wanna wear the panties for a while?

Grins at You.
Your little smartass Sarah.

I knew Mac would be home before I got there and I also knew He would check His email when He walked in and I wasn't there. He is a creature of habit even if He hates to be predictable. So He was waiting, but funnily enough He wasn't on His knees and He didn't have a drink ready for me. I wondered briefly if He had read the email, but Mac didn't let me wonder for long.

"Well my little smartass Sarah," He said and I hung my head really fast to hide my grin. "This is how it is going to be. First you are going to fix your male a drink, you know what I like. Then you are going to put dinner on and you will make it something that can take care of itself. A casserole will be fine because you will be taking care of me while it cooks. Understand, smartass little bitch?" Then He muttered something about kneeling and panties. He did not sound overly impressed.

But I giggled. I couldn't help it! I tried to stop it coming out, but I was just so happy that Mac was being actively dominant. He is usually much more subtle about it, like asking me what's for dinner instead of ordering me to make it. Of course it's not the first time He has done it and I know it will be far from the last, and I even know that He was just doing it for me, He wouldn't have minded if I ordered in pizza for dinner, but none if it mattered as I stood in front of Him with my head bowed giggling from behind my hair. I had wanted it when I emailed Him in such a smartass way, I was practically asking Him for a verbal smack in the mouth. I felt very loved and I was bubbling with happiness, knowing Mac was taking care of me.

Mac just shook His head. "You are the oddest creature." He said. "Now go and make my fucking drink."

And of course Mac didn't mind the benefits considering He got a drink, a blow job and a casserole for His trouble of giving something to me. He would probably even tell You that He got the better end of that deal.

But I don't think He did.

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