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Monday, January 02, 2006

"Are you wearing panties?" Mac asked with His hand on the door.
"Yes" I said from behind Him.
"Take them off." He said and I removed them and handed them over to Him. He hung them on the key rack beside the front door. "Ok." He said. "Let's go."

And that was how our New Years celebration started. A friend of ours had decided to have a party in the middle of a party, so to speak. So we spent most of the night out in the city with a large group of friends. It was a rather amazing atmosphere. There were people everywhere. We celebrated amongst friends and complete strangers, talking and laughing, shouting and laughing some more. It was a brilliant way to see out the old year.

As the New Year approached Mac stood behind me near a shopfront and wrapped His arms around my waist. We watched the revellers become more frantic in their celebrations and I felt Mac rubbing His groin against my ass. I pushed back into Him. The count down began and as the cheers reached fever-pitch I turned to welcome in our New Year with a kiss. Mac pushed me back against the wall, lifted me from the ground and as I locked my legs around His waist He lowered me onto His cock. He must have freed it sometime during the count.

"Sarah" He said close to my ear so He could be heard, "make me come. I want us to have a baby this year."

I grabbed His face in my hands and pulled His lips to mine and I kissed Him hungrily, completely oblivious now to anyone around. Three or four short sharp thrusts later I felt His semen spill into me. He moaned into my throat as His cock pulsed. We stayed that way a while longer, just kissing and holding each other, His cock softening inside me in the biggest crowd of people I have ever seen. When He finally lowered my feet to the ground again, He looked at me with a sheepish grin on His face.

"So?" He said. "Are you ok with the whole baby thing?"
"God yes." I said and threw my arms around His neck and kissed Him again.
"Good" He said. "Then we need to get my boys right on the job. I am going to have to not come on your face and tits and in your ass for a while."

That lasted until we got home.

I didn't mind.

I think this is going to be quite a year.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:00 am

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