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Friday, January 20, 2006

First I would like to say a very heartfelt and warm thankyou to everyone who left us congratulations below. Mac and I are very touched by every one of your comments. Thank you all so very much.

I have been to the doctors and the test results are back and I most definitely have a baby growing inside of me. My hormone levels are apparently just as they would expect them to be so the baby is growing quite nicely.

The due date based on my last menstrual cycle is September 24th 2006.

I guess I will never be 100% sure that we conceived on New Years Eve, but I would certainly like to think it is so. Mac and I both knew I was ovulating that day. Mac spent the whole of it fighting me off and pushing me away. I couldn't keep my hands off him and kept trying to entice Him to our bed in very non-subtle ways. (In other words I kept grabbing His crotch and sticking my tongue in His mouth.) He was having none of it though. He had work He really needed to finish off and if He had taken me to bed, we would have ended up staying there all night and not going out because I would have kept making Him hard and making Him come again.

So it is possible, completely possible that it was up against the wall, with all those people around, when Mac came inside me, that we started this little one.

And I can just imagine that in years to come, when the child is most susceptible to embarrassment, Mac will take them past that place and tell them that their conception took place just there. I will of course be blushing and telling Mac to hush while the child whines "Oh god dad, I don't want to know that!"

He would do it too. I just know it.

While I was at the doctors she gave me a heap of small booklets on diet and exercise and 'what happens now' type things. Mac and I flicked through them together the other night while lying in bed. Mac seemed rather interested in one that showed the babies development in the tummy and He had a quick read about some of the changes that occur.

"Whew" He finally said as He put the little booklet aside, "this whole making babies thing is not as easy as people think it is. It's a lot of hard work!" I grinned at Him as I snuggled down into the bed. He sighed dramatically. "I guess it is no walk in the park for you either."

I keep wondering how many of these lines He has left. I think He has been saving them all up just waiting for this chance to use them. I hope He has used them all by the time we get to the delivery room. I am not sure I could handle a smartass while in pain.

I have hundreds of thoughts going through my mind about how I feel and what I think I might feel, but right now I have very little time to write them all down. I am sure though that by the time this baby comes you will all be tired of hearing about the little one.

I promise I won't stop writing about the other things as well.

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