Kneeling before Him...



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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The hand in her hair pulled her head back as far as it would go. A knot formed and twisted in her groin.

"Please Sir?" she whispered, the weakness in her voice scaring her even more. "Please don't hurt me?" She whimpered when the hand tightened its grip, causing her scalp to sting.

She looked up into ice blue eyes, softly parted lips, unable to see anything but his face. He was smiling, the arrogant Bastard, a smug controlled smile. He was putting no effort at all into holding her there.

"But sweetheart," He murmured gently, leaning forward so the warmth of His breath tickled her ear. His voice was calm, seductive, but she sensed the lust thickening His throat. "You like it so much better when I do."

Bastard. Arrogant smug Bastard. Sometimes I hate it so much that He knows me so well.

And yet I wouldn't give it up for all the world.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:01 am

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