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Friday, January 13, 2006

I sent Mac some pictures I found on the net. I didn't mean to find them, just came across them accidentally while looking at people's yahoo 360 blogs. I quietly copied them and stuck them into an email for Mac who happened to be sitting in a room all the way across the hall. Almost immediately He called out to me.

"Did you just email me?"

This was followed by a minute or so of silence while I waited for Him to download the pictures. He had three of them downloaded and opened when He called me again.

"Get your ass in here."

I was grinning as I walked into His room.

"Lovely pictures" He said. "Where are they from?"
"Just some blogs I was looking at. I thought you might like to see so I chose the ones I liked."
"Oh." He said and nodded thoughtfully as another one appeared on His screen.

There were six in total, each of them quite delicious, each of them eye catching for a reason of its own. Some were black and white and some were coloured, each had an air of sex and submission, most contained some sort of bondage with an obviously willing participant.

"Mmmmm" murmured Mac as the last picture opened, "I think we should look at these together, don't you?" I said little as He pointed out to me why each picture was pleasing to Him. I smiled a lot as we went through them all because amongst all the tits and ass, pussies and cocks and the sexual acts themselves, the things Mac liked were the look of lust in her eyes as this one looked up at her male or the way that one seemed to be reaching out for more, her hands wrapped around her males ass to pull him further into her.

We got to the last one and I was shifting from foot to foot as the throbbing in my groin grew to an almost painful state. I was very aware of Mac's erection and the sexual tension that had sprung up between us. I wanted to be on my knees between His legs but Mac had not invited me there yet.

"This one," Mac said, "I think this one is my favourite."

I glanced at the screen to see a girl lying on a bed. She was naked, alone, a long length of chain between cuffs on her ankles and a shorter length of chain between her wrists. Her legs were parted, her toes curled in pleasure, her fingers touching between her legs. Her eyes were closed and her face turned to the side, perhaps in an effort to hide herself in such a private moment.

"Know why I like this one?" Mac asked. I thought it might have been for any of the reasons I mentioned in the description above. I was wrong. "Look at her breasts," He said. "See how they are off centre, hanging slightly off to the side?" And I noticed that He was right. They weren't perfect little mounds of plastically enhanced breast, they had a very natural sort of tilt to them. "That's what your breasts look like when you are laying on your back." He said. He had turned to me slightly, still watching the screen as His hands slid up beneath my top and worried at my bra. I reached up behind my back and unhooked it for Him. He took the fullness of my breasts into His hands without taking His eyes off the screen.

"Mmmmm" He murmured again. "Gorgeous, just gorgeous. So beautiful." He looked at me then and smiled. "Just like yours."

He raised my top, pulling me towards Him and I guided my nipple into His mouth. My gorgeous beautiful breasts were streaked with His semen before He was done.

And I like that my Husband can see beyond the nudity, that He looks beyond the perfection of these airbrushed shots. It's not the appearance of the people in the pictures, or the acts taking place. It's the enjoyment, the lust, the natural things that capture His attention. It's not the perfect breasts, but the real ones, ones that are just like mine.

He makes it so easy for me to adore Him.

I am a very lucky girl.

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