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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mac came in from a run all sweaty and adrenaline pumped and He jumped into a shower to clean off. I went into the kitchen to find me something to eat. Somehow seeing that He had worked so hard on His run had made me kind of hungry. I grabbed a tub of low fat strawberry fromage frais and made myself quite comfortable on the couch so I could relax and really enjoy it.

I was only about half way through it when Mac came downstairs wearing just a towel wrapped loosely around His waist. The towel did little to hid His erection.

"Stand up and take off your panties." He said.

I carefully put my yummy fromage frais on the coffee table and stood up and took my panties off. I handed them to Him and He tossed them aside.

"Now bare your breasts for me." He said.

I pulled my top up and eased my breasts gently from my bra. (They are kind of sore, just a dull sort of ache that I can't soothe.)

"On your knees slut and take care of my cock." He said.

I moved forward and knelt in front of Him while He pulled away the towel. He tried to tell me what to do, but, well, I knew what would make Him come. I knew just where to put my lips and how to flick my tongue and what noises should come from my throat.

"Christ." He said in less then a minute. "I am going to come."

And He did. I swallowed like a good girl. Then I got up off my knees and sat back on the couch, putting my breasts away. I picked up my fromage frais and continued eating it, still enjoying it immensely. Mac sat down beside me and attempted to catch His breath.

"Hey," I said between spoonfuls. "Can I ask a question?"
"Go on" He said, eyeing me suspiciously. Apparently some women take advantage of the Male weakness after orgasm to get things they want. I can't imagine anyone doing that. (Looks at the fairy on my desk and smiles quietly.)
"Why did I have to take my panties off for that?" I asked and ate another spoonful of my delicious dessert and tried not to smirk too much.
"I don't know." Mac said a little confused. He thought for a moment, then, "You made me come too fast!" It was a definite accusation, bordering on complaint.

I had to shove the spoon back into my mouth because I was certainly smirking now.

"Smug bitch." He said.

I got the giggles and I couldn't stop. Mac just shook His head at me.

I can't help that I know Him so well and if I could help it, I wouldn't change it. I love being able to make Him lose control and forget what He wants to do to me. I love owning that little piece of Him. Whether He knows it or not, His sex belongs to me. No one will ever be as good at it for Him as I am. No one will ever know Him the way I do. I love that. As much as I am His, He is mine.

That is how it should be, don't you think?

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 11:05 am

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