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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I am now 8 weeks pregnant and this whole pregnancy thing still has me in on the hop. I am sad one minute and elated the next, often with no idea why. I still cry at the most ridiculous things. Mac just keeps on smiling at me and telling me it is all right. Amber keeps emailing me and telling me it is all right. My sister pats me on the back and says it is all right. Everyone says this is a temporary pregnancy thing. It will pass and I will be fine.

But apart from the tears I am enjoying being pregnant. I have a habit of letting it slip into every conversation I have so that everybody knows. I have let it slip in the waiting room at the doctors, mentioned it in passing to shop assistants and told everyone at the hairdressers too. I can hardly wait until it is so very obvious that people start conversations with 'when are you due?' I know that we are not supposed to be too attached to this little one yet, so many things can go wrong in the first trimester and people say that a pregnancy isn't set until these twelve weeks are up. I have heard all this, yet 8 weeks into this pregnancy this little one is already a part of our family. It is set. No matter what. The baby has a few names that we tend to use when talking about him/her, 'the little one' and 'bump'(although there isn't a bump yet) being the ones I use the most. Mac tends to call him/her 'child' when He talks to my belly in our quieter moments. He tells the little one that we love him/her, that He loves me and that we are a family. He kisses my belly goodbye before He leaves and goodnight before we sleep. I think He is a little in awe of what is going on inside of me. He is so ready to be a daddy. He is going to be a great daddy too.

I have mucked out the spare room and tossed out most of the stuff we had hidden away in the cupboards in there. I figured if we haven't needed it since we moved in, we probably don't need to keep it now. I have washed back the walls and filled in any holes and sanded it back. Now I am ready to paint. I want to get that done and done right now before I get to tired and too big to be bothered. I am actually quite shocking at finishing what I start so I need to do it now before we put any baby furniture in. I am having trouble though, picking the theme that I want. I see it in two ways. Underwater with dolphins and octopus and clown fish and sea anemones and mermaids and mermen, a sunken ship and spilled treasure or forest with pixies and elves and flowers and fairies dancing and dragons looking on. I am thinking that the underwater scene will be much easier to paint. Water is much easier than trees. But I do so love dragons and fairies. It is a hard choice to make for a child whose personality I do not yet know. Of course it is only temporary. The little one will be able to make his/her own choice in years to come. Maybe the child will want just plain walls with pictures hung on it like the 'normal people' my mother insists I try to be. I am going to have to disappoint her for a little while longer though. I want to paint the room in a very fun way at least once. I have to make a decision and start it this week. Maybe I should make Mac choose only He can't see the pictures in my brain on how it will look. So I will just keep changing my mind probably until I start on it.

So that, I guess is a pregnancy update. I know you all said you wanted to be kept informed. Not much is happening that I can see or feel yet, I will be sure to let you all know when it does.

Oh and I should finish off with Mac's latest one liner. Someone asked Mac if we wanted a boy or a girl.

"I don't mind which, as long as she is healthy." Mac said.

See what I have to put up with?

I would never want it any other way.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 10:59 am

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