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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I have a secret to tell. It is a huge secret that has been kept from women for years. Well it hasn't exactly been kept from us, men tell us this often, but for some reason we, as women, seem totally and utterly unable to hear it when it is said. So maybe, just maybe, we will hear it now I am writing it down.

Are you ready for this, girls?

Are you sure?

Ok here goes.

Men do not see our imperfections.


It's true. It is utterly and perfectly true. When we stand before them in sexy underwear, or naked, they don't see that our breasts are not as perky as they were when we were 18 and could still eat a Big Mac and fries without having to live on salads for the rest of the week. They don't see that our tummies have a bulge to them that wasn't there when there was no such thing as stretch denim so we wore our jeans so tight we could hardly breathe. They don't see an ass that is too big, they don't see thighs that are flabby and they don't see toes that look odd. They just don't see it at all.

That is, of course, unless we do that famous thing that every woman does at some point in her relationship and POINT IT ALL OUT TO HIM! I admit it. I am guilty of it too. He sits/stands there gazing at me like I am some sort of perfect goddess and I start saying stupid things like, "my thighs are too soft" or "my tummy is too podgy," or "my toes are ugly". I have no clue what compels me to do such things, no idea at all, but sometimes it just spills out of my mouth before I can stop it.

But Mac doesn't see it. I know He doesn't. He tells me often enough that I am beautiful. I see it in His eyes when He looks at me. He adores me, ugly toes and all. When I stand before Him naked, He sees a sexy, vibrant, beautiful woman that He wants to make love to, an intelligent, witty, gorgeous woman He wants to fuck and a sassy, kind, giving, mother of His child-to-be that He wants to spend the rest of His life loving. He doesn't see the imperfections that I know are there. All He sees is me. For some odd and crazy reason, He thinks He is the lucky one in our relationship. He believes, truly believes, any man would be mad not to want me. He can't find fault in the nipple that I think should sit a little higher. He finds it exciting and enticing just as it is.

So Miss Amber, when you put on that slinky slip to hide your imperfections, you are only hiding them from you, because Dan wouldn't see them anyway. Ask him. I bet he agrees. So get out the sexy undies and show that body off to him. He loves it, just as it is.

And girls, next time you are standing there and he says something sweet like "you are beautiful," or "you are gorgeous," or "god I love your body," it's ok if you blush most furiously and hide your face behind your hair, as long as the only thing you say to him, the ONLY thing, is "thank you (insert term of endearment here)". Any of those other nasty little thoughts, like 'how can he say that when my ass is the size of a water tank?' or 'sheesh, he needs glasses' are NOT allowed to be said.

He doesn't see it. I know even now there are some of you that don't believe me. But he doesn't see what you see. He doesn't break you down into good bits and bad. He sees a woman, a female, his mate. He sees YOU!

He doesn't see your imperfections. So don't spend your time convincing him they are there.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 9:36 am

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