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Sunday, February 05, 2006

I was tired yesterday, really tired. I don't know why but I had no energy at all. I told Mac that I was exhausted when I woke up and He said I should just take it easy for the day and not do anything that felt like too much effort or that I really didn't want to do. So I didn't. Basically I just laid around and watched some television (except I couldn't follow the plot of anything), read some of my book (only I kept reading the same page over and over), called my sister (only she got frustrated with me because I kept losing track of the conversation), and had a nap (easily the best part of the day). Sugar slept all snuggled up with me on the couch. She feels so nice when she purrs.

Last night, when it was time to cook dinner, I just couldn't motivate myself to even think of anything I wanted to cook so I ordered some delivery instead. Mac said that was fine with Him. We always cheat when we have food delivered and eat it while sitting on the floor with the containers spread out over the coffee table, sharing bits and pieces of each dish. It's very relaxing and intimate. I can snuggle up against Him and we will talk about our day and His work and the kittens (who are really cats now) and anything else that pops into our minds between mouthfuls of yummy-ness.

By the time we had had enough I was practically lying on Mac's lap. I was quite content with a full belly and was slipping into sleepiness again. Mac kept tugging on my hair. It didn't take much. We started to kiss, and to touch and then to undress each other. We didn't bother going anywhere else we just stretched out on the floor. Mac climbed over me and I wrapped my legs around His waist. I gasped when He entered me.

That was almost enough. Mac nearly lost it and came then, just from the gasp that escaped from me. But He held it back, and held onto me, kissing me and sucking on my tongue while He slowly moved inside me. He murmured to me between kisses, about how beautiful I am, about how much He loves me and how much I mean to Him. I clung to Him tighter and tried even harder to make Him come. He wouldn't though. If He got close He would stop and hold back again and no amount of muscle squeezing, thigh tightening or hip rocking could get Him to move until He was ready to. He made me come first. He wanted me to, so I gave it to Him. He came moments after I did.

And sex like that, making love, its not heart pumping, mind racing, pussy throbbing sex, its not thrilling and exciting and mind out of control lust, but god, it is ever so good to be loved like that. It is very soul filling, if that makes any sense.

We lay together one the floor for a while afterwards, Mac dozing, me crying a little and Him pulling me tighter to Him without really waking up. When the floor got too hard Mac helped me throw away the containers and gather up our clothes. We didn't bother getting dressed, just went upstairs and showered together before climbing into bed together for more snuggling before falling asleep.

Mac always says He doesn't like to cuddle after sex, but really He keeps me a lot closer to Him if I have made Him come. Even if it is in the morning before work He will call me not long after He gets there, just to be close to me again. I bet He has never worked out why. He is a man though.

I am not quite sure He is supposed to know.

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