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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yesterday I went out to buy a new bra or two. My old bras are uncomfortable. I have never been keen on underwire bras and now they just hurt. I was not looking for maternity bras, not yet. I have been told by the experts (other mothers) that my breasts will change in size and heaviness a lot before I am finished with the pregnancy and feeding of this baby so I just wanted a couple of supportive un wired bras for now.

I was utterly and totally amazed at the range. There are some beautiful bras out there. They are pretty and lacy, patterned and speckled with sparkly things and pretty bows and they come in all the colours you can think of. I had an absolute ball picking out some I thought were pretty and some I thought were sexy. Then I matched them up with panties so I had sets of underwear.

I avoided anything that looked like something my grandmother might have worn when she was younger and believed that men and women should get dressed and undressed in separate rooms, back when underwear was never supposed to be seen. I can't believe they still make underwear like that. The way I see it now days, if you are not wearing something under your clothes that your mother would blush to see, you need to rethink what you are putting on.

I can hear a lot of you moaning and saying but these old granny panties and bra are comfortable. Guess what? Your husband/significant other hates them. He probably won't say it, but honestly he does. And gosh ladies, now there is stretch lace, soft stuff that doesn't scratch and itch, that feels wonderful and sensual as well as comfortable when you put it on and it looks completely fuckable too. They even put cotton gussets in them. You don't have to compromise on comfort to be sexy. And you don't have to compromise on sexy to be comfortable. They even have full briefs made with the stretch lace, I know because I have a couple of pairs for those days of the month when only fat clothes will do. (Won't be wearing those for a few months, then I imagine I will need more.)

So next time you go to grab a few more pairs of the same panties or bras you have been wearing for years, take a moment to look at what there is now. Lace and ribbons, sheer, semi cup, low cut, high cut, stretch lace, satins and silks. Black, red, white, pinks, burgundys and blues. Mmmmmm. Try and buy something you want to wear in front of him, panties and bra you want to show off, something you know he is going to want to get off you.

Oh and while you are there, buy yourself a pair of stockings, slutty ones, or pretty ones, lace, or fishnets or with seams up the back. Not pantihose, but thigh high stay ups, or invest in a garter belt. You won't ever need to wear them outside the bedroom if you don't want to. It's worth it. It really is.

It was worth it just to see the look on Mac's face when I walked into His study in white lace panties, white lace bra, white lace garter and sheer white stockings with lace tops. It was worth it to hear Him growl "conniving little witch" when I bent over and pretended to adjust a strap on the front of the garter belt. And it was most definitely worth every single second of what He did to me when He dragged me into the bedroom.

But most of all, it was worth it to have Him say to me while holding me after He was done, that even after three years, sex with me is still as fresh and exciting as it was the first time. I still entice that lust in Him. The thought of me, just the thought of me sleeping in His bed is enough to make His cock pulse. He feels that any man would be nuts not to want me in their bed, but He isn't telling any one that. He is keeping me, utterly and selfishly, all to Himself. I am His and He is never letting me go.

His lust is mine.

And I am never going to ever let it go.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 9:00 am

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