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Friday, April 21, 2006

Last night Mac and I were lying in bed together. We still had the light on, as it was early enough for us both to read a couple of pages of our respective books before we went to sleep. I was not feeling the absolute best I can feel because I seem to have a cold. My head is stuffy and I have a ticklish throat that makes me cough now and then. Mac was stroking my back absent-mindedly while He read.

When I sat up to cough for the third time, Mac put His book aside and when I lay back down He snuggled me into His chest. His nakedness felt warm and after all this time, it still excites me. He kissed my forehead and I ran my fingers along His jaw.

"I am sick." I said in the best 'pity me' voice I have.
"My poor sick girl." He said and I smiled at Him.

He kissed me along my neck and shoulder and I almost wriggled up the bed so that He would kiss my breasts. He grinned at me.

"I thought you were sick." He said.
"I am sick." I said, pouting slightly. "But I am not dead."

He chuckled, and then He kissed my breasts. I have to say that right now, this is one of the most erotic things. My breasts are full and heavy and sensitive with pregnancy and it's so sensual to feel Him licking them, sucking them, grazing over them with His teeth, suck/bite marking them beneath the nipple. It goes straight into my clitoris and hums there. It makes me feel very female and very much His woman.

Mac took His time and marked both breasts to His satisfaction. Then He sat up and took the pen from the bedside drawers. He wrote the word 'His' just above my pussy so that the 'i' was almost touching the slit. Then He told me to masturbate and smudge the word for Him.

I opened my legs and touched myself down there and Mac watched. He kept looking from my hand, to my face, to my breasts and back to my hand. He told me that I was beautiful, a gorgeous creature and that I was His. My cunt belongs to Him. My tits belong to Him. He owns my lips, my tongue, my hands, my body, my mind, my sex. I watched His face, listened to His words, and as my own excitement built, I could feel His cock pressing against my thigh while He stroked it with His hand.

He came over my cunt, hot spurts of semen landing on my wrist, on my pussy, over the word He had written. I came too, feeling the heat of His pleasure on me. The word no longer existed. It was a black, spermy, girl juices mess. Mac tucked me into His arms and told me again that I was beautiful, and His.

We both slept really well last night.

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