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Friday, May 19, 2006

The following is a love letter, written yesterday by me to my Husband. When Mac received it, He asked if I would share it here. He said that it should be shared.

It is late again. It has been another long night of work for you. I have tried to be patient while I waited. We manage to climb into bed together, something we can no longer always do. I can see the tiredness etched on your face and for once, I ask nothing of you. I know that tomorrow you have another big day. I snuggle down as you turn off the light.

You whisper, "Goodnight."

I smile and whisper back. I close my eyes.

Then I feel you, your hand, slowly slipping down my body. I turn my head into the pillow to stifle a moan. For a moment I hate how easy I am for you. I think I should play hard to get. But my clitoris is already throbbing to my heartbeat and my pussy lips suddenly feel flushed and swollen. Just from a touch. You bastard. You make my body betray me every time.

I lay still and say nothing. I know you know I am not asleep, but I refuse to encourage you this time. It is late and you are tired and I know you are just touching me for comfort. I am sure you want nothing more than that. Still as your hand trails down and your fingers round the bottom of my bottom, a shiver I can't control races up my spine. God I love you. I love it when you touch me. I can't help it. I sigh.

Your hand comes around me to cup my breast. You move your thumb back and forth across the nipple. Your body shifts ever so slightly as you move in closer, spooning me. I feel your lips caress my neck. My body shivers again. Your thumb is sending electric shocks down into my groin with each pass of my nipple it makes. I want you. God how I want you. But you are tired and it is late. We can't, I know we can't. My mind fills with reasons why we should just go to sleep.

You kiss my neck again and I give up on being passive. I turn onto my back so I can see you in the darkness. Your hand moves to my other breast and your thumb continues the same. I kiss you, a soft gentle kiss. "It's late and you are tired." I whisper. "This is insane. Tomorrow you will be exhausted."

"I know." You whisper back. "But I just can't stand it anymore. I need to be inside you."
I understand. I need you inside me too. "We can make it quick." I say, already wanting it to go on all night.
"No." You say. "We can't. We both need it to last a long long time."
"Yeah." I say. "We do."

Your hand trails down and slips between my suddenly parted legs. My hand reaches for your already swollen cock. Foreplay between us has always been nice, but not always necessary. We are usually too desperate to be connected to be bothered by it. As your fingers part my pussy lips I am already guiding your cock towards me, my mind wants me to scream at you to get in me right now. I need you in me. Please don't make me wait.

Your thoughts seem to be the same as mine because you follow where I lead your cock and you are laying over me, pressing your hips toward me as I lift mine towards you. Your cock hesitates, just a moment, as the entrance stretches. Then I gasp as I open up to you. For some reason your cock feels even harder than normal as it is forced the rest of the way in. I gasp again and pull my legs further apart in an effort to make it easier on me. I always feel like it is too big for the first three or four strokes, until I am stretched right for you. You moan as you fill me up and I know that it is that good for you too.

"Baby," you murmur, "oh god Sarah. This feels so fucking good." I already know this. I want to tell you that it feels like coming home, but I don't.

Instead I smile and arch my back and squeeze the muscles that you need me to squeeze. My hands reach up and caress your face. You let me pull your mouth closer to mine and then you part your lips to be kissed. There is silence for a moment as my hips raise again and yours lower. Our tongues tangle quietly. Your body shudders with the effort of so much pleasure and when you moan into my mouth I feel at peace. For me this would be enough, just to stay just like this. It means so much to me that I can do this to you. I know this is special. It doesn't matter that another girl might be able to make you feel this way. I know that right now, it is me.

You pull your mouth away from mine, just a little, just so you can breathe deep. I take the opportunity to arch my back further, putting my head back. You take the opportunity to bite my neck. I grunt and my muscles clench. You do it again. My fingers tangle in your hair, first pressing your mouth down then pulling you up so that I can kiss you again.

Your cock moves in and out of me, the friction increasing the pleasure we both feel. You moan and stop moving, resting for a minute so that you don't come yet. We kiss while we wait for the intensity to subside. Then you move inside me again.

A few minutes later you have to stop again.

This time it is even more urgent.

"Come for me, baby," you almost demand. "I want to feel you come on my cock."

You know I will give you anything. You know how much I need to. When you start moving again I am already almost there. A few strokes and my fingers curl into claws on your back. I arch up but pull you onto me, pushing against you while pulling you into me. My muscles grip and release your cock. Grip and release. I moan and whimper, calling to god, to you, celebrating how lucky I am that feeling such unbelievable pleasure pleases you. I choke and sob because there are not enough words to express my love. I hold onto you and hope that you feel it too.

"God baby," you whisper quietly, "you are so beautiful."

I cup your face and pull your lips towards me again. I have to kiss you.

I feel you still inside me, still hard but hardly moving. You seem to be just enjoying the contractions of my muscles on your cock.

You kiss my lips and then the tip of my nose, my eyes, my cheeks, my lips again. I murmur to you while you kiss, words of love and of lust and of encouragement. I want to feel you come now. It's your turn. But of course you have other ideas.

"Turn over, baby," you say quietly and I can see in your eyes that you want it all tonight, my vagina, my ass, my mouth and hands. I can see that you wish you could fill me with yourself all at once. I know that you only have one orgasm inside you right now and when you do release it, it will drain you completely. You want to make this one really count.

I smile at you as you pull your body off mine and your cock slides out of me. I reach up and kiss you, another soft gentle kiss before I turn over onto my tummy and raise myself to my knees.

You don't waste time because there isn't much time left for you. I know how close you are to coming. It's so close you almost didn't change position but the need to be inside all of me won. Your cock feels even bigger as it presses against my ass and in spite of how much I want you inside me I pull away a little. You put a hand on my back to steady me. You press and you press but in the end it takes a little pressing back from me. You groan as the head of your cock slides back inside of me. I whimper, willing myself to relax as you work your way in.

Your balls press up against my sticky hot pussy and I know that come morning you will want me to lick you clean. My muscles contract just thinking about it. You growl and fall over me, your stomach now pressed against my back. You don't move much now that your cock is impaling me, more of a rocking of the hips then a thrusting in and out. I tighten my muscles purposefully. You groan and drag your hand beneath us, cupping my pussy, pressing against my clitoris. I grunt. I grunt again. I come while your teeth bite my shoulders and neck. I call to god again. You move you fingers from my cunt to your mouth and I turn my head so I can also suck on them.

You growl and your cock pulses. I feel it spurting your semen into me. You grunt and groan, you say my name and your body shakes, your hips jerking forwards, further forward, trying to get further into me. I use my muscles again, grip and release, grip and release, milking you for all of it.

You lay on me, panting, sweating, gasping when I grip again. Neither of us wants you to soften, wants you to leave me, but we know it is inevitable and we both sigh when you slip away from me. You roll to your back beside me and I stay on my tummy, only turning my head to watch you. You smile at me, exhausted and sated, for now, at least.

"I love you" you whisper and I know it is true even when we have not had enough time. I know that you love me and that it hurts you too. I know it is not your fault, even though I sometimes get frustrated with you. Sometimes there is nowhere else for my feelings to go. I don't mean to take them out on you.

I love you.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:03 am

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