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Monday, May 22, 2006

I was going to put this into comments two posts ago, but then I thought that this should be said here where it is more likely to be read.

I am going to ask everyone who comments to please respect what other people have to say. I would really prefer it if comments towards others did not get personal. I don't always agree with what everyone has to say about me here, but as I have put myself on public display, I know that I will be judged on what I say, feel and do. I accept that there are those out there that will not agree with the way I live my life or the choices that I make. I have never asked anyone to only be positive here. Some of the most thought provoking comments have been ones that I did not initially agree with (and some I still don't agree with) and came from people who did not agree with me. But that does not mean there is any need to be rude to anyone in comments, and that includes being rude to me. If you agree or disagree with my thoughts and feelings, please try to be polite when putting your point across. Your message is more likely to be read that way.

Thank you all for taking the time to share your thoughts. It means a lot to me.


Ok, now that it has been said, I can move on.

Something to ponder...

The other day Mac and I were talking about religion. I mentioned that I understood a nun's devotion to her Male, to her God. I said that I could easily devote myself in such a way. I also said that I imagined that nuns that lived in the strictest sects were probably the most happy. I feel that nuns are just submitting to the ultimate Dominant and since He gives unconditional love back and a set of rules and boundaries to live their life by, I am not surprised that some women find happiness that way. I have not studied this at all and have no way to back it up. I was just sharing thoughts about it with Mac.

Then Mac came back at me with another thought. He said that maybe as worship of a deity has always been a part of humanity, instead of a nun devoting herself to a dominant God for lack of a human dominant, that perhaps those of us that are more submissive in personality are really missing the worship of a deity. At all stages throughout history and in nearly all cultures there has been a God or Goddess, or a ruling force that people paid homage to. Now in this day and age where for a lot of us religion is a chore we attend to only when we absolutely have to, maybe it is why we look for someone we can worship. Maybe having a dominant soothes something that our souls miss.

Interesting thought I think.

I may at some time come back to this.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 3:05 pm

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