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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A little while ago I sent Mac a text message from my phone.

"I love You." It said.

My phone rang almost immediately and I answered it. Mac told me that He loved me too and that He was going to keep me with Him forever no matter what. I told Him that was good because I wasn't going anywhere.

Mac mentioned that His cock was now throbbing with lust for me, just from the sound of my voice, so I hung up the phone and crossed the hallway to His study and I knelt in front of His chair and took care of that for Him. He cupped my face and tried to watch my eyes as He came into my throat.

Then He pulled me onto His lap and stroked my hair and kissed me a lot.

"You're coming home, aren't you?" He murmured to me.
I held onto Him tightly. "I want to." I said. "I hope I am."

Mac hushed me and held me and rocked me in His arms. He wrapped Himself around me like a cocoon and He loved me with everything He had to give. I felt it all. It was overwhelming.

For a man that has such little patience for the world and everyone in it, He seems to have limitless patience for me. He will wait until I come back to Him. He always does.

I sometimes think that I do not deserve Him.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 3:10 pm

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