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Sunday, May 07, 2006

We walked into the hotel room and as per standing order I started to undress. Mac had insisted upon my nakedness whenever we were in the room together. He said that while it was just the two of us, there was nothing for me to hide from Him. He was right, and I enjoyed being naked when He was there to watch me. My body seems to be changing everyday with the bearing of this child and it is beautiful, completely lush (thanks Amber) and makes me feel very female and sensual. I liked the way my Husband looked at me and He liked being able to touch me without the interference of clothes.

This night as I knelt on the floor, Mac took some chain from a shopping bag. We had purchased it during our nightly walk. Mac had asked me the night before about how it would feel for me to have my ankles chained while I was naked on the floor, about how it would make me feel not to be able to stand up straight and walk. I had immediately answered that it would make me feel safe. I think it was what Mac was hoping the answer would be because He had directed us to the right store the next night and while I knelt, He chained my ankles together with some clips He had purchased too.

It was not impossible for me to walk, I could shuffle from place to place if I needed to, but it was just easier to crawl. Mac had said and I had agreed that it wasn't about sex, it wasn't supposed to be bondage to turn us on or get us off, it was about submission and making me feel safe, loved, cherished and cared for while I was feeling so very submissive. It was about making me feel comfortable being so submissive to Him.

And I had been feeling very submissive. It was impossible not to feel that way. I was in a foreign country and totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in the streets. Mac's hand became my rock while we were out and the hotel room became a safe haven for me. Don't get me wrong, I loved being out and taking in new sights and trying new things, but every night when we were back in the hotel room, it was a relief to be able to kneel on the floor and be me.

Mac knew how it was for me and let me serve Him. He stroked my hair when I knelt beside Him and asked me to get Him things when He wanted them. He treated me as the most precious thing in the world and used me like a slave. I found a lot of contentment in being this way.

When I was chained, I quietly asked Mac if He would like a drink and when He said He would, I crawled away from Mac towards the refrigerator. I had not gone very far when I heard Mac say my name in a voice that seemed a little strained. I turned my head to find Him staring hungrily at me.

"Yes Master?" I said innocently.
Mac shook His head. "It's not about sex." He said.

I smiled and kept crawling. I made His drink and shuffled on my knees back to Him, bowing my head as I presented it up to Him. He took it and instead of drinking it He put it on the table beside the couch and He gathered me up, pulling me into His lap.

"It's not about sex, Sarah." He said. I am still not sure which of us He was making sure understood that He had not intended it to be about sex.
"I know it's not." I said and buried my face into His neck.

His hand wandered down my belly and His fingers slid between my legs.

"If you know it isn't, then why is your cunt so wet?" He asked.
"For the same reason Your cock is hard, would be this one's guess." I answered and kissed the throbbing pulse in His throat.

Mac moved me off Him then He stood and picked me up of the couch. He carried me to the bed and put me on it. I rolled onto my tummy and brought my knees up beneath me so I could crawl to the middle of the bed while Mac stood behind me and undid His pants. I looked back over my shoulder and wriggled my ass.

"Slut." He murmured.
I grinned. "Your slut." I said.

I didn't have to move, I knew what Mac wanted from me and though He had His fingers rubbing my clitoris while He fucked my ass, He managed to come before I did, but only just. I think the fact that I was grunting loudly pushed Him over before me. He seems to like it when He can make me grunt.

We both collapsed to the bed and Mac lay beside me staring at the ceiling while trying to catch His breath. I lay there looking at Him, adoring Him, falling in love with Him all over again.

"God You are delicious." I said and Mac turned to look at me.
"I love you." He said and He kissed me. Then He kissed me again. And a lot more kisses followed while we caressed and murmured and loved each other perfectly.

That is what this working trip was like for us. The more I submitted, the more beautiful Mac found me and the more beautiful He found me, the easier it was to submit everything to Him. He spent every spare moment He had with me, either talking to me on the phone or having a driver pick me up and take me someplace near to where He was working so He could meet me for lunch. We couldn't seem to get enough of each other and it became very difficult for Mac to leave me when it was time for Him to work.

We are home again now and I expect that things will change. Home has a lot more responsibility than away does, and that level of togetherness is not feasible for the everyday. But I hope we get to have time like that again. I always miss it when it is gone.

Still, I am glad we are home.

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