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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"You are late." Mac said as I walked in the door.
I smiled up at Him as He stood on the fourth stair from the floor. "Were You waiting for me?" I coyly asked, knowing that He was. Mac had not been subtle in the texts that He had been sending after I had called and told Him I was on my way home from dinner with a girlfriend. He had made it perfectly clear to me that He had missed my company and my body and that He wanted to be inside my body right now. The companionship apparently could wait.

Mac strode down the steps and met me at the door. His mouth came down crushingly on mine. He pushed me almost carefully back against the door. And then we stopped and both laughed because my stomach was in the way of His cock pressing against me. Fucking up against the wall is out of the question. For now.

So Mac took my hand and guided me to the stairs. He walked behind me as I ascended, no doubt staring at my ass as it wiggled its way up. He growled a little, grumbling that I needed to move a little faster. Patience is a virtue, but Mac was not thinking any virtuous thoughts. I picked up the pace just enough to stop Him grumbling and made it to the bedroom just in front of Him. I turned and raised my arms to wrap around His neck but He wasn't in a very cuddly mood. He told me to pull down my panties and get my ass on the bed. I grinned and did as I was told. He suggested I stop smirking and I did try to, but I failed, so I just hid the smirk behind my hair and turned away from Him to crawl across the bed. He told me to stay on all fours.

And the sex that followed wasn't really special, some lubrication, His cock pressing against my ass, some grunts, some groans, breasts squeezed, fingernails digging into His neck, His teeth digging into mine, a curse, then another, begging for His cock to be deeper, deeper, deeper, more grunting, some spurting and a collapse onto the bed, both spent. Nothing out of the ordinary and probably less than five minutes in time, but it brought us so close together that even though neither of us wanted more right then, neither of us wanted to let the other go. We finished taking off what clothes we still had on and climbed into bed together. Mac pulled me close to Him. We murmured and we whispered and we loved each other. His cock hungry little spunk cunt was suddenly His princess, His beautiful Sarah, His precious girl again.

Sex may be enough to satisfy the lust, but the love always needs something more.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 9:11 am

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