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Sunday, July 02, 2006

After writing the last post, the first email I received said that baby updates would be good. So a baby update it is.

The baby and I are growing just fine apparently. We are now 28 weeks and into the third and final trimester! Yay! From here on in, the baby puts on a lot more weight and I am wondering how big is this baby going to get!

My back aches. It has been aching for a while. I have exercises that I do regularly to help stretch and strengthen the back, but still it aches. It worries me that the baby is going to keep getting heavier and if my back aches now I imagine it is going to get a lot worse. A friend recommended a pre-natal exercise class that she said helped her both relax and ease some of the ache and Amber said that she swam during her pregnancy because it made her feel lighter. The doctor okayed both activities so I go to the class once a week and swim a couple of times a week as well. I find on those days my back is not as sore, but I am much more tired.

Mac has been great. He talks to Bump a lot and rubs my back for me when I complain that it is sore. It makes me feel better, even though it really doesn't do anything for my back. I think it is just a comfort thing of having His hand on me. We still don't have a lot of time together but what we do have we seem to spend wrapped up in and around each other. He has encouraged me to express my submission in physical ways again and I have used it to entwine Him back to me. He has trouble tearing Himself away some days and I like that. I need Him to want to be with me. I need Him to not hide that want from me. And I need things to be calmer around here so for the moment, we are doing ok at keeping things constant and sane.

Oh and Mac likes to feel when the baby moves around. The first time I put His hand on my tummy and He felt Bump turning over, the look of utter amazement on His face convinced me that this child already had Daddy wrapped around its little finger. This baby has stolen a piece of Mac's heart that I don't think He wants back. That's another good thing, because from what I know about children, they keep their parent's hearts for the rest of their lives.

So that's pretty much all on the baby Bump front.

It's mostly all wonderful, I think.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:10 am

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