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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mac and I are like most couples I think. We have good times and we have bad times. Sometimes we have both in the same day. We have had a couple of days like that lately, days that started off brilliantly and ended with us wondering where we took the wrong turn, and days that started off disconnected and ended up with me sitting in His lap for an hour or more, telling Him about places I remember from my childhood in between Him making me come. I am not sure if it is my hormones or His exhaustion. Perhaps it is just a mixture of both. We are spending the rest of today doing nothing, simply because it seems to be what the both of us need right now. Just to do nothing, together.

I was having some days where I was feeling a little bit flat. I have been avoiding having chemical things done to my hair while I have been pregnant and I felt that even with having my hair trimmed, it was looking a little dull and lifeless. So I bought myself a straightener and a hair moisturiser and on some days, just for the heck of it, I straighten my hair. I don't do it often, just on the days when I need a little pick me up. I think it looks really pretty and it makes me feel pretty too.

Mac hasn't noticed. Or at least He hasn't said anything. But on the days that I have straightened it, I seem to turn Him on the moment He walks in the door. I am not sure if it is a coincidence or if the hairstyle makes me look exceptionally sexy, or if the confidence and the happiness I feel is what works for Him. I think that even if I asked Him, He wouldn't have a clue and would be surprised that I managed to find a link between my hairstyle and His arousal. Whatever the reason, I like it when He looks at me that way and it makes me feel even better about being me.

The sex, as always, even with this baby kicking around inside of me, is absolutely amazing. With the baby getting bigger and some positions getting a little uncomfortable and putting a little too much pressure on my back we have had to improvise and try some different positions to use. I have a feeling we will be using some of these positions long after the baby is born.

And even on the flat days, I feel sexual and sensual and very much a woman. I don't feel fat like I expected to feel. I am proud of this belly, of what is inside me, of what we made together and I think Mac feels proud of it to. He certainly doesn't seem to find me unattractive and when we lay down together in bed, He likes to have His hand resting on my belly. He is awfully protective of the two of us. Which is how it should be, I think. Carrying His child is a very female thing. We are finding it quietly beautiful.

Right now, I am loving my new little family.

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