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Saturday, July 15, 2006

"What are You doing?" I asked rather stupidly, as I was bent over grabbing the back of the couch while Mac's fingers stole lubrication from my pussy to use on my ass.
"I am going to fuck your ass." Mac answered in a very matter of fact manner.
"Why?" I asked apparently unable to say anything smart at all when my panties were around my knees.
"Because I want to." Mac said and managed not to laugh at me.
"Oh. Ok." I said and then decided I should just shut up.

I thought that this would become uncomfortable as the baby got bigger. I was right. And I thought that holding onto the couch like that would put too much pressure on my lower back. I was right again. It wasn't long before I was earnestly asking Mac to stop. He did, immediately and He got me to undress and kneel on the couch, facing the back of it. He knelt behind me and with a lot of kissing and touching and caressing He was able to enter me again.

And we were so close. So incredibly and intensely close, I couldn't move without Him moving too. His hands were on my belly, on my breasts, touching my clitoris, on my neck, in my hair and I could reach back and touch Him and try to pull Him even closer on to me. He made me grunt, I made Him growl and before long, we were both shuddering.

Then I begged. I begged Him not to soften, not to leave me, to stay inside me forever, and He whispered that He wanted to, how wonderful it would be to just stay this close to me.

Of course He couldn't. He did soften and He slipped out of me but it was quite a while before either of us was ready to let the other go.

That night He made me do it again, this time while kneeling on the bed holding on to the bed head. He knelt behind me and He entered my vagina so that I was almost sitting on His lap. His whole chest was pressed against my back and His hands were all over me again. He pressed against my clitoris so hard that I was crying, but I didn't try to make Him stop. I didn't want Him to stop. I wanted more.

We were both drained by the time we were finished. I didn't even have my usually urge to talk. I just wanted to tangle myself up in His arms and sleep.

It wasn't about sex. It was about love and intimacy. It was about giving each other something that we don't let anyone else give. It was about connecting, entwining, filling each other with love and lust and making sure we each knew that at least for those moments, there was nothing more important in the world than us.

As I drifted into sleep, I said the only thing I felt a need to say.

"This one is Yours." I whispered.

Mac kissed the back of my head and snuggled me in closer.

"And I am yours, princess." He said.

When we woke the next day, we did it again.

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