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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ok I am still here. I am just exhausted, hugely pregnant and not in much of a writing mood. Mac and I are very much in love, very content and happy with each other and just kind of waiting around for this baby to be ready to meet us. Well, I am more waiting around while Mac does His best to get as much done at work as He can before our baby arrives.

I admit now we are at the business end of this pregnancy, I am a little frightened. I am perfectly aware how this whole birthing thing is done and also aware that very rarely does it go according to plan. I have heard many horrific birth stories and just hope that my story is quite boring. 'Went in to labour, pushed, baby came out' will do me as a birth story just fine. No one seems to want to tell me any like that. They seem to want to frighten me.

My tummy is huge. I mean really huge. It is like a whole other person is living inside me. Now when the baby moves I can see parts of it sticking out on my tummy, an elbow or knee here, a foot or hand there. The other night I was on my back in bed rubbing moisturiser on my belly when a little fist suddenly appeared by pressing on the inside of the stretched skin of my tummy. I knew it was a hand because I could count the bumps of knuckles. I called out to Mac and He came in to see. He sat on the edge of the bed utterly entranced and stroked the little hand until it pulled back and disappeared.

He told me I was amazing. I just smiled at Him. I don't try and point out that many other women have done this before me. I am the only one having our baby, and I think that does make me amazing, at least to us. I still think it is a wondrous thing, no matter how many times it has been done before.

I have about four weeks to go.

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