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Thursday, August 31, 2006

She sat on a stool in the middle of the room, the canvas on an easel in front of her. Her hair was tied back but every now and then she ran her wrist over her ear in an attempt to make those annoying few stray hairs stay out of her field of view. Her hand never stilled as the colours she could see inside her mind appeared on the canvas, each brush stroke applied without effort and seemingly without thought. She was obviously lost in a world all of her own.

He stood in the doorway watching her silently, wondering if he could ever be a part of that world. Nothing escaped him. He took in the curve of her breast, the protrusion of her belly, the way she sat with her legs apart now to allow room for their baby. He saw her brush away her hair again and the way her tongue appeared between her lips as she concentrated on shading a leaf. She still amazed him. After all this time, he could not get enough of her.

She added a little light here and a little dark there and he saw the leaf twist in a different direction. Then she did the same to make a petal sit in behind the one next to it. She continued on, oblivious of her audience, and the picture took on life and depth and he swelled with pride that this girl, this beautiful, talented girl wanted to be his.

He waited patiently, still watching her, until she pulled back from the painting. He knew she was checking to see if she was done.

"Is it finished?" He said quietly and was not surprised that she jumped and spun her stool around.
"Hey." She said with her hand over her heart. "You scared me! How long have you been there?"
"Just got here." He said and smiled.
She smiled back at him. "Good." She said. "You can tell me what you think of it." She pointed to the painting.
"It's beautiful." He said without taking his eyes off her.
She screwed up her nose. "You say that about everything I paint."
"That's because I see you in everything you paint." He said.
She smiled again. "Are you going all romantic on me?" she teased.
"God no." he said. "Just sometimes you should be told how appreciated you are." He shrugged.
"Thank you." She said and shifted her weight forward to stand.
"You are done?" He asked.
"For tonight, yes." She said. "Right now all I want is to be in bed with you."
"Good." He said. "That's all I want too."

I do not know that Mac sees me this way, but I would like to think that when He is being exceptionally loving, that thoughts like that is where it comes from.

I am feeling very full of love today.

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