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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Indulgence. Decadence. Lust.

Three beautiful words that roll from the tongue and thicken the throat. My throat, at least.

Mac and I have been indulging in hot, dirty, greedy lust in the most decadent ways. I have become quite addicted to it and to Him.

I find myself thinking about sex much more than I ever have. It has become an obsession as the due date of our baby draws near. I feel a strong compulsion to keep Mac sated, exhausted and very close to me. I want to make Him come even when He says He has had enough.

I would like to think that I have become quite devious in the ways that I entice Him. I have opened up to Him even more than before and let Him in on a deep, dark fantasy, or two. When He tells me 'no' I will kneel at His feet and hide behind my hair and whisper a small part of the fantasy that I have not mentioned before and before long Mac will be dragging me off to the bedroom again. I would like to think it is devious, but Mac knows what I am up to. He calls me a conniving little witch. He tells me He is aware of how I am using my submission and fantasies to beguile Him, and that some how that makes me even more attractive to Him.

The doctor said that I could have as much sex as I was feeling up to. He said that it is good for the uterus and cervix and can't hurt the baby. This is good because I can not seem to keep my hands off Mac's cock. I am making Him fuck me at least once on most days.

Good job He seems to like fucking me.

Officially we have two weeks to go. (So it could be any time in the next four weeks!)

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 2:16 pm

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