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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I thought that with the birth of Sarah Jane things between Mac and I might change. I thought that perhaps Mac would see and treat me differently sexually once I became the mother of His child. I needn't have worried. Mac is as selfish with me as ever. And I find myself still greedy to please Him.

So the sex between us is still dirty, decadent, loud, messy, indulgent, intoxicating, consuming, wicked, filthy sex. Dominating sex. The type of sex that leaves you both physically and emotionally drained and wondering when your body will be up to doing it again. Sex that I have fantasised about since I was a little girl.

On our anniversary as Mac stood beside the bed trying to catch His breath and I lay before Him with streaks of His semen across my tummy while I looked up at Him, He said that He wasn't sure why this type of sex turns Him on like it does.

"Maybe it is because you are a grunting groaning mess whenever we do it." He said.
"Maybe," I said. "Or maybe it is because it is us. Dirty, decadent, dominant sex."
"Mmmm." He smiled. "Dirty, decadent, dominant sex. Have you ever masturbated to any other type?"
I shifted to my knees in front of Him and wrapped my hands around His neck, pressing my sticky belly, and my tits, against Him. "Is there any other type?" I asked.

Then I kissed Him. His hands slid around my back and held me. I moved one of my hands between us and collected His semen and smeared it on His cock. He groaned. I smiled and moved down His body. He held my head.

"Greedy little slut." He said.

And to make the night just perfect, Sarah Jane slept from 11pm until 7.30am, the longest she has slept.

I wouldn't mind many more anniversaries like that.

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