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Monday, December 04, 2006

Following on from the last set of comments, I have actually been thinking lately about the noises that we make during sex. It all started because Mac said something to me the other day that had me bright red with embarrassment. I think for this one, I have to set the scene.

Mac had me up against a wall in the hallway. My legs were wrapped around His waist and His cock was deep inside me. We were watching each other while we fucked. It took some effort, but god it felt good. I could gladly have kept Him inside me all night.

Then Mac started. Every word said was punctuated with gasps and grunts and groans.

"Who do you belong to, bitch?"
"Oh god. You Master."
"Uh huh. And whose cunt is it?"
"Your cunt. It's Your cunt."
"'It's your cunt, Master,' slut." Slap
"Master. It is Your cunt, Master. Oh god. Master. I need to cum." Slap.
"No, you don't. It is my orgasm, isn't it? You only have it to please me, don't you?"
"Yes Master."
"So you need it when I say you need it."
"Yes Master. Oh god. Please?"
"Whose orgasm is it, slut?"
"It's Your orgasm, Master."
"Beg for it, cunt. Beg me and I might let you come."
"Oh god. Please Master? Please let me come?" Slap.
"Ask nicely, slut."
"Master please, please let me come." Slap.
"I said ask nicely, cunt."
"Master. Please let this girl cum. Please?" Slap.
"Who do you come for, cunt?"
"You Master. Please let this girl come for You?"
"Are all your orgasms mine, slut?"
"Yes Master. God. Yes. This slut is Yours. Everything is Yours. Please Master? Please? OH god. Please?"
"Then give me my orgasm. Christ. Come with me. Come. Do it Sarah. Fucking now!"

And of course I did. And I grunted. I actually grunted. In Mac's words, I 'grunted like a greedy whore'. I did not want to believe it. I do not grunt when I orgasm! I might have groaned a little, said "oh god" like I usually do, but Mac swears that I grunted. Like a whore.

I wasn't sure how I felt about that. I know that I usually make a lot of noise. I know I sometimes swear, repeatedly on occasion, but I don't grunt. Unless the sex is incredibly intense, apparently.

It made me remember that when I had just turned 20 I had a boyfriend that used to make fun of the noises I made when we had sex. He told me that I sounded like a dying seal and would make barking noises at me. He thought it was great fun. I found it demoralising. The next few times we had sex I didn't make a sound. I made sure I kept completely silent. It didn't stop him from finding another way to make fun of me and we didn't last long together, but for a long time I really worried about making noise during sex and I sure as hell made sure I didn't make that dying seal noise ever again.

But then there is Mac. Not only does He grunt and groan, moan and growl, He talks to me too. He says the filthiest, dirtiest, most deliciously disgusting things to me when we fuck. And He finds the noises that I make, any noises that I make, just enhance His enjoyment of the sex. He encourages me to make noise, so I do. We like loud, messy, uninhibited, indulgent sex. But the thought of Sarah Jane imitating her father and me in front of friends... Grunting! Like a whore! I think I would want to find a hole to crawl into for a while. I am blushing just thinking about it.

We are going to have to learn how to have sex quietly when little ears are old enough to repeat what they hear.

But I guess that is just a part of growing as a family.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 12:35 pm

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