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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I climbed into bed late last night. Mac was already there and almost sleeping. Sarah Jane had woken for a late night feed and change just as we were turning off the downstairs lights and I told Mac not to wait up for me as I knew He had had a busy day at work and He looked like He needed the sleep. He hadn't argued with me.

He opened His eyes as I lay down on the pillow next to Him and He smiled at me.

"Sleeping?" He asked quietly.
"Like a baby." I smiled back at Him.
"Mmmm." He murmured and closed His eyes.

And I couldn't help but to reach out and touch His face. His beautiful, gentle face. His strong, rugged face. He opened His eyes again and looked at me.

"What?" He said.
"I want to kiss You." I whispered. "With tongue." I blushed.
He closed His eyes again, smiling. "Well you had better hurry up, I am sleeping."

So I kissed Him. It was a slow and gentle kiss, filled with love and desire, with passion, with intensity and longing, and intimacy. It was everything a kiss should be.

Mac rolled me onto my back and climbed over me. Then He just slid inside me. I wrapped my legs around Him and held His face in my hands. We kissed again. He grunted into my mouth and He came shudderingly while I squeezed Him with my muscles.

He moved to lie beside me and I turned and snuggled down into His chest.

"I love you, princess." He whispered.
I smiled. "I love You, Male." I said.
"Mmmm." He murmured for the second time. Then He fell asleep. I followed Him soon after.

This morning I was standing in the kitchen pouring orange juice and smiling to myself when Mac sauntered in whistling and looking for food. He glanced over at me and then looked at me again. I guess I was beaming.

"Well, you look happy." He said.
"Is that a crime?" I asked.
"No. It just makes me wonder what you have planned."
"Nothing." I shrugged. "I am just feeling very safe and secure and very loved. I am revelling in being us. So just enjoy it. I am." I said.
Mac grinned at me. I grinned back at Him.

We stood there, both of us loving the happiness and contentment that has filled our home, both of us filling up on each other.

Then Mac looked at me almost sheepishly. "I am starved." He said. "Is breakfast almost ready?"
I laughed. "Uh huh. It is."
"Good." He said. "I am almost late!"

My beautiful rugged Male. I love who we are.

I doubt I will get a chance to write again before Christmas. With the arrival of Sarah Jane I am a long way behind where I would like to be in Christmas shopping and of course everything takes a little longer now that Sarah Jane is with me when I shop. Also, between Christmas and New Year, Mac, Sarah Jane and I are running away to a friend's cabin for a few days. So don't worry when I don't write, I am just off relaxing and having a good time.

So to everyone out there, Mac, Sarah Jane and I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. May your celebrations all be filled with love.

See you all next year!

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