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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The best thing about Mac being away for a couple of nights is undoubtedly the welcome home sex we have when He gets back. It is kind of a mix between 'god I missed you' love and 'god it is good to see you again' passion and we never seem sure if we are making love or fucking. We just seem to want to hang on to each other and not let go.

Mac ended up cuffing me after He came for the second time, thinking that it would help Him get some sleep. But it didn't really help because He kept waking up knowing I was sleeping with my hands cuffed together and it made Him want me again. And again. And again. After the fifth time He could hardly move and I was smiling at Him like the cat that licked the cream. He said I was a witch for enticing Him but all the enticing was done by Him. I had just lain there looking ravaged but innocent and that had made Him throb with need.

He says that there is nothing that turns Him on like the sight, the feel, the smell, the thought of me. He desires me even more now than when I first became His. He desires me more because He knows me better than anyone ever has. It always feels so nice to be so desired by Him. It is good to be loved because of who I am.

I know right now I am just writing fluff, but that is because it is all my brain can handle. I try to force myself to think and my brain just wants to write about how much we are in love. Stick with me through this and I am sure we will get back into the gritty stuff. I know it is hiding in me.

I just have to find the right button to push.

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