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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I called my mother. She came over straight away and took Sarah Jane off me and sent me to bed. I guess I looked worse than I felt because she later said she thought I was going to drop Sarah Jane, but I assure you I had a good hold on her. I was feeling very tired but not tired enough to hurt her in any way.

I slept for 5 hours. Mum gave Sarah Jane some of the breast milk I keep frozen. She didn’t wake me until Sarah Jane woke from her afternoon nap to see if I wanted to feed her. I did. Mum had managed to do the washing and she cleaned up some toys and stuff and put a basket of washing away. She had taken Sarah Jane to the supermarket and made me a stew with lots of vegetables and goodness in it. I have it in the fridge for when I want more today. She made me drink a lot of orange juice, filling up my glass every time it got a little under half way and she stood over the top of me while I ate. I called her a bully. She said “That is ‘Mum’ to you.” I said thank you because her help was really appreciated. More than I could possibly say.

She left when she was sure I was over the worst of the drained feeling I had. She called this morning to see how I am doing. I am much better today.

Mac will be home tonight and Sarah Jane and I can hardly wait.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 4:00 pm

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