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Monday, April 30, 2007

I remember one night a while back that Mac came home grinning about an incident that had happened at work with His team. I am not sure if many of you are aware of this, but Mac works for a very large manufacturer of clothes. This sometimes requires the trying on of certain items to see if they sit right and it there isn't always a model on hand, but strangely enough, Mac never has much trouble finding someone of the female sex willing to put a pair of jeans or a top on for him. This day in particular, a sales rep overheard Mac and the girls of His team talking about a new style of jeans they wanted to see on someone and she graciously offered herself up for the job. They found a pair they thought was around the right size and while she changed into them, Mac and the girls all went to one of the viewing rooms and waited for her to appear.

And Mac said for the most part He was completely oblivious to what happened next, it was the girl's on His team, His girls, that called it to His attention and then it was mostly after the fact.

The sales rep had come in and walked up and down, and then bent over, stretching into the jeans. There were twitters from His girls that He ignored. He asked her how they felt and she answered that they were a little big. She thought she normally took a size smaller. Mac heard a few snorts from His girls. Then He asked if she could hold up her top so they could see how the top of the jeans sat on her waist and she lifted her top up so far that her bra could be seen. She walked the length of the room again, then bent right over so that the top of her thong was also on display. She stood and flicked back her hair, then walked over to Mac and asked if He needed to see anything else. Mac dismissed her and she went to get changed.

Suddenly Mac’s girls were all scowls and glares as they talked about 'that slut' and what they thought of her display. They were angry that the sales rep had not even acknowledged them. She had made it clear that she was there to impress Mac. The girls were most upset that she would try it on 'their Mac'. The parting shot as they went out the door was 'Did she think he would fuck her with us all there?' Mac said the cattiness was at an all time high for His girls.

I understood their disgust, not only because I am His wife. I understood how they felt because they are His girls. He tells them that is what they are. He built His team with much respect and praise and a few smacks across the back of the hand on the way. He has nurtured them and encouraged them and made sure they are safe and given them boundaries not to cross. He has made them into a real close unit and they go out of their way for Him. They not only felt disrespect at not being acknowledged, they felt disrespect of their relationship with Him. They are very much His girls and that makes Him very much theirs.

He understood this when the girls were being so catty, but at the time it was happening, He had not seen the preening for what it was. He said to me that He had really been looking at the jeans and little else. He had hardly noticed the girl wearing them.

I nodded when He told me this. Then I asked Him what colour her thong and bra had been.

"Black." He answered without hesitation. "I said I hardly noticed. I didn't say I was dead. Seriously though, I didn't notice the preening until I thought about what my girls were saying. Then I realised she had been doing it for me."

I believed Him. I have seen Mac in full flirt mode be oblivious to a girl throwing herself at Him. I imagine in full work mode, she didn't have a hope of gaining His attention. I am sure He was a disappointment to her, being all business like while she was trying her best to flirt with Him.

I am not jealous of His girls at work. I thought that I might be, but I am not. Mac is dominant and He was never going to be able to work with women who needed to break balls. His team was always going to be led by Him. I like His girls and the way the team interacts. I like that they look after Him.

And of course I like that they will keep away any horny little sluts in black underwear. I wouldn't mind if they ripped out her eyes and fed them to crows. (Now that is jealousy.) Even if my Husband didn't notice, I share the girls dislike of what she did.

Mac calls us strange creatures, us girls. I can see why He does. But He loves me anyway.

Which is lucky, because I am never letting Him go.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 2:14 pm

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